GDBBM – Chapter 1112

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Chapter 1112: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (14)”

Qu Xin Rui was dragged to come before Jun Wu Xie as she stared wide eyed, her mouth that could no longer be shut still having pieces of flesh mixed with blood falling from it. The thick stench of blood swirled heavily around her as blood continued to soak up into her clothes, and mud caking up all over her. Her carefully groomed hair was a big mess her eyes with their once coquettish gaze had been replaced by terror and lunacy.

If it was said that Qu Xin Rui was thought to be an aloof and alluring female devil before, she was now looking no different from a dirty beggar who lay in a heap on the ground, or even more wretched looking than them.

Jun Wu Xie’s chilly gaze swept over the figure of Qu Xin Rui, cold as steel blades, razor sharp without the slightest bit of sympathy.

“Do you know why I wanted you to live?” Jun Wu Xie’s cold voice slowly rang out.

Qu Xin Rui looked at Jun Xie in terror. She had thought that Jun Xie was just the newly ascended little Emperor of the Fire Country but when she understood the identity Jun Wu Yao truly held, she realised that she had erred….. truly and completely erred!

Jun Xie was not someone she could afford to offend in the slightest!

But now, no amount of regret mattered in the least. Her tongue had rotted off, her lips and teeth had been ground away, thick blood filling up her oral cavity. She wanted to plead, wanted to repent, but there was nothing she could do, but only to hang like a dead dog, as she was dragged by Ye Sha and Ye Mei to go before Jun Xie.

“Sometimes, by being alive, a person will suffer a fate worse than death.” Jun Wu Xie said, through narrowed eyes. She had initially not intended to inflict torture upon Qu Xin Rui but Qu Xin Rui had repeatedly poked at her inverse scale.

She would not allow Qu Xin Rui to die such an easy death!

“But now, this has saved me a lot of trouble. I don’t even need to get anyone to pry open that mouth of yours.” Jun Wu Xie said as the corners of her mouth curled up into a chilling smile. She took out an elixir from her Cosmos Sack hanging from her hip and when Jun Wu Yao saw the pill, his eyes flashed a brief moment.

That elixir was not unfamiliar to him. Back in the Qi Kingdom, Jun Wu Xie had used that same pill on Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian!

Constantly rotting, constantly putting one in despair….. Within that helpless despair, it was an endless cycle of rinse and repeat, a fate impossible to escape from.

Jun Wu Xie took that elixir, the one that had caused the prince Mo Xuan Fei to turn into a revolting pile of rotting flesh, and threw it into Qu Xin Rui’s mouth. Qu Xin Rui had thought to spit it out but Ye Sha had lifted up that chin that was dripping with blood to force the elixir down her throat.

“It has been quite long since I saw you put this elixir to use.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile. The effects of that elixir, he had witnessed it himself before. Even he could not help but be impressed by the tyrannical effects the elixir had!

Causing one’s flesh to gradually rot, till it reaches the bone, and just as death came near, the flesh grows back. And without Jun Wu Xie’s antidote, that heart splitting and unimaginable agony would repeat in an unending cycle.

You do not die, and you can’t live…..

The one true torment under the Heavens was not death. But to be forced to continue living in despair and pain, without a single sliver of hope in one’s heart, with no chance of redemption…..

Jun Wu Xie used the simplest and most brutal method, to punish Qu Xin Rui. After she saw Qu Xin Rui swallow down the elixir, Jun Wu Xie suddenly looked up, and turned to look at the stupefied Xiong Ba within the crowd.

“I will now hand her over to you. Lock her up properly, and she will live forever. Do not allow her to die.”


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