GDBBM – Chapter 1113

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Chapter 1113: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (15)”

Xiong Ba’s heart jumped. He had thought Jun Xie would never speak another word to him throughout his entire life.

Jun Xie’s words puzzled Xiong Ba and shocked him at the same time. He had witnessed for himself Jun Wu Yao’s overwhelming power that had taken down four Purple Spirits in an instant and he was very much aware that Jun Wu Yao’s true power went far beyond the tiny bit they had just seen.

At that moment, Xiong Ba’s heart was gripped in fear, as he suddenly realised just how incredibly fortunate he had been.


Fortunately Qu Xin Rui had gone on to antagonize Jun Xie.

Fortunately they had the same people as enemies with Jun Xie, otherwise, the people who would have fallen into the same fate as Qu Xin Rui might very possibly have been all of them instead.

Deeply moved and filled with regret, Xiong Ba strode with wide steps to come to the bottom of the city’s wall. Before everyone’s eyes, he fell to his knees with a loud thud right before Jun Xie.

“The benevolence and mercy that Young Master Jun has shown to the Thousand Beast City would not be forgotten by all our people. The Thousand Beast City has committed deeply shameful deeds against Young Master Jun but we have been fortunate that Young Master Jun does not hold the past deed against us and saved our people from the depths of turmoil. I beg that Young Master Jun will accept a deep bow from my humble self!” Xiong Ba immediately kowtowed before Jun Xie, his quick and deeply resolute action immediately drawing out blood to flow down out from his forehead, but he didn’t have the slightest intention to stop.

They owed Jun Xie way too much, but have been repeatedly saved by this little youth. Jun Xie’s manner of returning a grudge with benevolence made him feel as if countless rattan canes, were whipping them upon their hearts, their conscience being tormented under the agony.

Jun Wu Xie’s cold gaze swung onto Xiong Ba kneeling upon the ground. Crowded around Xiong Ba, the citizens of the Thousand Beast City finally recovered their senses, suddenly snapping back awake. Qu Xin Rui had been taken down and incapacitated and her subordinates had been completely obliterated. They were finally freed from the more than a decade old nightmare that they had been plagued with!

In an instant, everyone before the Thousand Beast City’s gates were all kneeling down in lines before the wall!

“Thank you Young Master Jun for saving our lives!”

“Thank you Young Master Jun for helping us get out of our predicament!”

“Thank you…..”


The grateful voices rang out one after another, filling the skies above the Thousand Beast City. The people had suffered under the torment brought to them under the tyranny of Qu Xin Rui and they were finally freed. They no longer had to fear Qu Xin Rui’s cruel viciousness and they no longer had to be parted from their spouses! And they would no longer be forced to go to the Heaven’s End Cliff that meant certain doom for all of them!

They could finally live properly like a human under the sun!

Everyone throughout the Thousand Beast City knew very clearly. If not for Jun Xie’s timely appearance in the nick of time, even if all of them were fully determined to fight to the death with them, with their paltry powers, it would not be enough to bring down Qu Xin Rui. What they would finally only be able to achieve in the end, would only be to gain back their lost dignity, at the cost of death and blood as sacrifice!

In the end…..

The Thousand Beast City would have been annihilated by Qu Xin Rui in merciless slaughter.

It was Jun Xie who had saved them, who gave them new hope and a chance to live!

The many voices raised in weeping gratitude, in between intermittent and broken sobbing wails, showed all the accumulated pain and pent up bitterness within their hearts.

With thousands kneeling in obeisance before her, there was not the slightest tinge of glee or expression of glory on her face. She merely frowned slightly, and looked at Jun Wu Yao beside her.

“Bring me to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers.”

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes flashed fleetingly, but he did not say anything about it, and only hooked his arm around Jun Wu Xie and carried her up before tapping his foot lightly on the ground, to fly off from the city’s wall!

Xiong Ba looked up, looking at the direction Jun Xie and Jun Wu Yao had left into, and his heart suddenly jolted in shock.

That was, exactly the direction that the Heavenly Cloud Chambers was in!

Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast had been imprisoned there by Qu XIn Rui and locked up together in the basement of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers…..


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