GDBBM – Chapter 1111

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(Translator Note from Cloud: One chapter containing gory details! Skip paragraph after reading sentence ending with “oppression for more than a decade.” if you have a queasy stomach or too vivid an imagination! XD)

Chapter 1111: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (13)”

The last thing that Shen Chi thought of just before he died, now resurfaced within Qu Xin Rui’s mind. She was so terrified that she was being suffocated, as she watched the blood mist slowly being compressed bit by bit, till it turned into a red bead, no bigger than a rice grain, before suddenly exploding in a wide burst, scattering into a bright powdery rain over the land, to disappear into the earth…..

Death….. could actually be so beautiful…..

Three powerful Purple Spirits, finally reduced into blood coloured dust, to provide nourishment to the earth in the Thousand Beast City.

It all ended in an instant. Before the people of the Thousand Beast City realised what had happened, the battle had reached its end.

Except for the one fallen to the ground with blood spewing forth from her mouth, Qu Xin Rui who was still barely alive, Shen Chi and the other two men had disappeared for good from the face of the earth, and not a single trace of them could be found any longer.

From the crowd, all was quiet. Everyone had been driven into stupefied silence by everything they had witnessed.

Xiong Ba’s eyes were wide, as he looked at the man who had claimed himself to be Jun Xie’s “personal aide”…..

He knew….. that Jun Wu Yao was powerful….. but he had never thought….. that his power reached such an incredulous extent!

The Purple Spirit was the pinnacle of power in all their hearts, a power that they had fought to resist against with their lives but had been unable to change anything. But before this flawlessly good looking man, the Purple Spirit was just a bug he could crush effortlessly….. He had just wriggled a finger, raised a hand, and he had wounded a Purple Spirit enough to incapacitate her, and completely obliterated three other Purple Spirits!

How insanely powerful was that! ?

Everyone did not even dare to imagine!

If not for the still present stench of blood hanging in the air, if not for the sight of Qu Xin Rui still convulsing upon the ground, they might really have thought that they were all still in a dream!

Jun Wu Yao turned himself around, and walked towards Jun Wu Xie. And at the very instant he turned, Ye Sha and Ye Mei suddenly appeared behind Qu Xin Rui, carelessly dragging the fallen Qu Xin Rui up from the pool of blood she had spewed out from herself.

The Qu Xin Rui at that moment, no longer displayed any trace of the earlier arrogance, looking completely unlike the one person who had held the entire Thousand Beast City in oppression for more than a decade.

The clothes on her were soaked with blood and the tongue in her mouth had already rotted to its root, the rot still spreading incessantly, from inside over her entire mouth. Her lips had completely rotted off and her gums a gory rotting mess. As Ye Sha and Ye Mei dragged her along, blood stained teeth fell off one by one from her oral cavity, (Note from Cloud: don’t think I can still call it a mouth, hence the clumsy awkward wording used.) in a clinking clatter onto the ground. On her face where her mouth was supposed to be, no more flesh could be seen, and only the white of her bone stained with blood was visible to the entire crowd of people there…..

Qu Xin Rui’s mouth, looked as terrifying as if someone had forcibly torn the flesh out from her face.

The excruciating and agonizing pain was driving Qu Xin Rui to almost lose her consciousness, but her attention was not on the pain wracking at her. Her eyes were filled with terror as she stared at the back view of Jun Wu Yao, that graceful and elegant figure, but had been the one who drove her into utter despair, killing all her hope completely.

[The person in the legend!] [Was actually still alive!]

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! ! !” She tried to say something, but her tongue that had rotted off rendered her incapable of any speech and the sounds squeezed out from her throat was just gibberish.


There was no one there who wanted to hear what she had to say.

Jun Wu Yao walked leisurely to come stand beside Jun Wu Xie, the smile still on his face.

“As you wished for, alive.” Jun Wu Yao presented, raising his hand slightly, gesturing towards the appalling spectacle that Qu Xin Rui was, his attractive eyes twinkling at Jun Wu Xie.


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