GDBBM – Chapter 1110

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Chapter 1110: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (12)”

The nightmare that for many years had gripped the Thousand Beast City was slowly being dispersed bit by bit with that mournful wail!

Shen Chi watched on in horror as Qu Xin Rui fell within a pool of her own blood. Although Qu Xin Rui’s powers was the weakest among the four of them, but she still wasn’t weaker by all that much where if they were to engage in battle with her, it would still be impossible to take her down in a short period of time.

Not to mention by just moving a single finger…..

If it was said that Shen Chi was in fear of Jun Wu Yao before this, then what gripped at his heart at that moment could only be described as pure and utter terror!

The smile on Jun Wu Yao’s face did not reduce in the slightest, but the murderous aura within his eyes was growing more and more intense, incited by the thick stench of blood that hung thickly in the air.

“Although I really want to crush all the bones in your body bit by bit, but since Little Xie wants you kept alive, I will allow you to live a little while longer.” The chilling words spewed out through Jun Wu Yao’s sexy lips. Jun Wu Xie wanted her kept alive, so he had let her live. But….. that mouth that dared to defile Jun Wu Xie, he did not want it to exist for another minute more.


[As long as she doesn’t die, it’s good enough. Isn’t it?]

Jun Wu Yao turned his head slightly, and his gaze was still lusting for slaughter as it fell upon Shen Chi and the two other men behind him.

Shen Chi felt as if all the blood within his body had turned to ice, suddenly so cold that his teeth started chattering uncontrollably!

“Wh….. Who….. Who are you really…..” Shen Chi’s entire body had turned cold. He only knew that the man before his eyes, was scarier than anyone he had ever met in his life!

That absolute and tyrannical power that made one fall into abject despair, which even their Lord of the Palace might not even compare to in the slightest bit!

Shen Chi could not detect a single sliver of spirit power on Jun Wu Yao, but his overwhelming might was undoubtable to say the least!

[Just who could this man really be?] [With such power, even in the Middle Realm, no one will be able to oppose him!]

Jun Wu Yao narrowed his eyes slightly and raised a hand. A black mist surged out from his palm, gathering together to become a huge black dragon, which then immediately leapt at Shen Chi and the other two men!

In the instant that Shen Chi saw the black dragon, his mind exploded with a realization!

He had once heard in a legend about such a person, who transcended beyond the realm of spirit powers, and possessed might like no one has ever seen, crushing countless scores of the most powerful pugilists!

That power that that man possessed, was not spirit powers, but a black substance, that he could command at will, that had brought endless nightmares to the people!

At the same moment that the black dragon was flying towards Shen Chi, Shen Chi’s eyes saw his own end. The last thing he saw was Jun Wu Yao, with his devilish smile upon his lips, and within that jet black pair of eyes that looked at them, a violet light flashed!

In an instant, the enormous black dragon completely swallowed up Shen Chi and the other two men!

Bright red blood exploded within the black mist that engulfed them, as loud howls and agonised wails were torn out from the men together with their flesh and blood, sounding together with the crunching of bones, all coming out from within the black mist!

Within that black swirling mist, a faint shade of the blood could be seen, but everything was completely contained within the mist, like a furious tornado, crushing it all bit by bit within the powerful deadly spiral!

Qu Xin Rui was convulsing in agony, as she lay in a heap on the ground, watching on helplessly as she saw Shen Chi and her two other Purple Spirit companions being ground up by the black mist into nothing else but blood…..

Her eyes stared, her heart almost jumping out of her!


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