GDBBM – Chapter 1102

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Chapter 1102: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (4)”

Under Qu Wen Hao heart wrenching and pitiful laughter, the citizens who have been repressed and bullied for too many years suddenly felt a surge of anger rush into their chests!

Regardless whether among those terrified women, included any of their family members, all the people stepped forward to stand before the women, layers upon layers of a human wall, quickly formed as they blocked the way to the womenfolk behind them, who have suffered endless torture all those years!

Shen Chi’s face creased up slightly into a frown, as he stared at the big crowd citizens standing before him, blocking his path, and the smile on his lips faded slowly away, a malicious glint rising within his eyes.

“What are all of you doing?” Shen Chi asked, sneering coldly.

“We will not allow you to capture them back! They are citizens of the Thousand Beast City! We have the duty to protect them, and ensure that they do not suffer any harm!” A tall man summoned up his courage and shouted out in rage.

Shen Chi laughed coldly and sent a fist crashing into the chest of that man, purple coloured spirit power covering his fist. That one heavy strike, was driven right through the chest of the man!

A large bloody hole appeared on the man’s body, and the breath suddenly went out of him, his tall frame suddenly falling to the ground in a pool of blood.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to die?” Shen Chi asked, his eyes narrowed up, as his Purple Spirit energy surrounded his entire body. He sharp gaze swept over the people surrounding him, the murder in those eyes highly obvious for all to see.


Every single person who had stood forward, no longer allowed themselves to be cowered by the power of the Purple Spirit.

They had endured it for so many tears, and what have they achieved? Long years of humiliation had made them unable to continue to remain silent. Qu Xin Rui viciousness had made them all see clearly, that even if they continued to be her mindless puppets, they would still not be able to protect their family.

Before such a cold blooded demon, those people chose to hide no longer!

Those citizens who have finally been reunited with their family members, were adamant that they would not push their wives and mothers back into the fire!

In those years, they had chosen to be silent, chosen to submit. But now, they were not going to persist in that cowardice!

“If you are really that great, then kill us all! Today! We will not allow you to bring a single person away from the Thousand Beast City!” Xiong Ba suddenly walked out from among the crowd. He stood at the front of everyone else, staring straight at Shen Chi.

He had once abandoned his ally, once been a spineless weakling. But today, he refused to continue living in humiliation!

Rather die standing upright, then live on your knees!

Qu Xin Rui’s face was contorted with rage. The rebellion of the entire Thousand Beast City had lit a fiery rage to burn within her heart.

“Very good! All of you want to go against me right? Then all of you will die! Everyone hear me clearly now! Today, I will bury the entire city into the ground. From this day onwards, I want the words, Thousand Beast City to disappear from the face of these lands!”

Exploding in fury, the Purple Spirit’s energy glow rose from Qu Xin Rui’s body. The other two men who were from the Soul Return Palace behind her released their spirit energies as well. The powerful Purple Spirit caused the air surrounding the area to grow heavy, the unimaginable oppressive aura caused many of the people to find it difficult to even breathe, and pain wrecked at their bodies. But they gritted their teeth and clenched their jaws, unwilling to bend their backs once again!

Having lived so many years without any purpose, they have had enough!

With their last show of pride and dignity, they would rather die fighting, than submit!

The powerful and oppressive aura were like many pairs of hands that clutched at every single one of their throats. Beads of perspiration spilled out from their bodies as everyone within the Thousand Beast City found that they could not breathe!

“Before you annihilate the city, the scores between us, should be cleared up first.” All of a sudden! A chillingly cold and clear voice sounded from atop the wall of the city’s gate!


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