GDBBM – Chapter 1103

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Chapter 1103: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (5)”

Qu Xin Rui raised her head and looked up!

Atop the wall of the Thousand Beast City’s gate, a tiny figure stood in magnificence, face against the wind,

gaze cold as ice, the jet black hair fluttering behind. It was such a petite sized figure, but it somehow drove a distinct fear into the hearts of people.

“Jun Xie!” Qu Xin Rui stared at Jun Xie standing on top of the city’s wall, slightly startled.

She had waited for Jun Xie to appear for many days and had not thought that Jun Xie would suddenly appear among this chaotic scene before her!

Xiong Ba was greatly surprised to see Jun Xie and he wanted to say something but felt that he did not deserve to be able to call out to the youth. He could only stand there with his fists tightly clenched, deeply ashamed.

Jun Wu Xie’s cold eyes swung over to Qu Xin Rui and did not look at anyone else.

“What a coincidence for you to come here now. I had thought that you didn’t want your Spirit Beast anymore.” Qu Xin Rui said with a laugh. Seeing that Jun Xie had appeared, she wasn’t fearful in the least, but her heart had instead filled with delight. Losing the Thousand Beast City didn’t matter anymore, as long as she still held this line that was linked to the Fire Country, she would be able to command a much stronger force!

“Rest assured, your Spirit Beast is still with me. I have taken very good care of it, and have not allowed it to suffer in any way.” Qu Xin Rui said with a smile. Her gaze then turned to look at the people of the Thousand Beast City and she said: “But today isn’t really a good day for us to talk. Will little Young Master Jun be willing to wait for me to quickly deal with all these disobedient dogs first before we sit down and have a long chat? We will have all the time in the world then.”

“A pity, I do not wish to waste my breath on such a disgusting woman.” Jun Wu Xie said, laughing coldly.

The smile on Qu Xin Rui’s face immediately disappeared, as her eyes narrowed up in displeasure.

“Jun Xie, I have treated you with courtesy and it will be good for you to know your place. So what if you are the Emperor of the Fire Country? Don’t forget, you are now here in the Thousand Beast City! You do not have your millions of soldiers behind you! If you still do not know what is good for you, anger me any further and I will not show you any mercy. Or are you telling me…..”

Qu Xin Rui’s gaze fell upon the blanked faced Qu Wen Hao.

“You are going to stick your nose into affairs that are of no business of yours?”

Jun Wu Xie said: “Regardless of what I want to do, you are in not in a position to speak.”

Qu Xin Rui suddenly laughed out loud. “Jun Xie, you are being too naive. What has the Thousand Beast City done for you? Do not forget, your Spirit Beast, was personally delivered to me by Qu Wen Hao himself. If not for him, how would I be able to force a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast to stay by my side?”

Qu Xin Rui’s words drew loud gasps of surprise from the crowd. Not many among them have seen Jun Xie, but they have all previously heard that a youth who possessed a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast had appeared in the Spirit Beast Arena and had not thought that the youth was Jun Xie. But they were shocked that their Grand Chieftain would really steal the Spirit Beast from Jun Xie and deliver it into the hands of Qu Xin Rui!

There wasn’t a single trace of anger in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, but she just continued to look at Qu Xin Rui with a calm and chilling gaze.

Qu Xin Rui saw that she wasn’t getting any reaction from Jun Xie and she gritted her teeth discreetly as she said: “Don’t tell me that you are trying to help the Thousand Beast City, forgetting the past injustice they made you suffer, all for the sake of Qu Ling Yue? Then that would be such a great pity. The pure and untainted little girl in your heart, is now just a old and broken shoe that has been used and abused. Do you know why Qu Wen Hao does everything I tell him to do so obediently? That he was even willing to use the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to deliver your Spirit Beast into my hands?”

Qu Xin Rui’s eyes narrowed up with a highly venomous glint.

“Because I made him personally witness, his own precious daughter, before his own very eyes, to be tainted by a whole group of men! Ha ha ha ha!”


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