GDBBM – Chapter 1101

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Chapter 1101: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (3)”

“I want to see her! Right now!” Qu Wen Hao was not going to back down, as he stared at Qu Xin Rui with rage in her eyes.

Qu Xin Rui narrowed up her eyes sinisterly but did not say anything.

“I WANT TO SEE HER!” Qu Wen Hao roared another time.

“The Madam has already died…..” The woman said again as she wept.

As if he was struck heavily, blood spurted out from Qu Wen Hao’s mouth!

From a time much earlier, when Qu Xin Rui had always been unwilling to let him see his wife, Qu Wen Hao had already made a similar guess then. Everyone else had been able to return for short periods but just his wife had been denied it. Qu Xin Rui always had an excuse to brush it off and he had had no other choice but to choose to believe.

From the mouths of those who returned, he had more or less been able to hear a little news about his wife and that was what comforted him the most.

With that middle aged woman having taken the lead, those other women who have previously brought news about the Madam back finally summoned up their courage and spoke the truth.

In the first few years after the Madam had been captured, she had suddenly fallen gravely ill in the dark and dank dungeon. And as Qu Xin Rui had refused to arrange for anyone to come treat her, but had instead thrown her into the filthiest of the cells, and left her there to die, without even bothering to send food to her in the final stages.

Deprived of food and water, and afflicted with a grave illness, the Madam could only live on whatever dirty water she found within the dungeon cell, unable to hold out for long.

When she died, she was already reduced to skin and bones from hunger and the torment from the illness had caused her corpse to no longer even look human. Qu Xin Rui finally disposed of her body in the wild, allowing the wild and ferocious beasts to tear and chew upon her corpse…..

Qu Wen Hao was stunned with shock as the women’s weeping cries reached his ears, where they felt like sharp blades, cutting to shreds, the tiny sliver of hope he had held in his heart for so many years.

His wife had been his first love from childhood and they had been in love all that time, finally having a daughter, the fruit from their love. But that perfect dream had shattered from the moment Qu Xin Rui had come to the Thousand Beast City…..

He had yearned for countless days and night, living a humiliating life for many years, accepted compromise and made sacrifices, all for the hope that his family would be reunited once again.

But for so many years, all that he had heard, were just lies that Qu Xin Rui had weaved and ordered for him to be told…..

“HA HA HA! HA HA HA!” Qu Wen Hao suddenly threw his head back and laughed hysterically. That laughter was terrifying to all the people there who heard it. His wife had died without even having her body intact, and his daughter had been forced to undergo unimaginable calamity. What was most laughable through all of that, was that he had been that naive to believe that as long as he did as he was told by Qu Xin Rui, she would release them…..

The heart wrenching laughter echoed within the air above the Thousand Beast City. Blood tears dripped out of the corners of Qu Wen Hao’s eyes, like they had spilled out from the very depth of his soul…..

“It turns out….. that I am the world’s….. biggest joke….. Ha ha….. Grand Chieftain….. HA HA HA!” Qu Wen Hao laughed, but that laughter sounded more pitiful than any sound of weeping they have heard.

For the sake of his wife, he had chosen to be a spineless puppet. For his daughter, he had abandoned his conscience, betrayed trust he had been given, and gave up on his morals to become vile and despicable…..

And at the end of all that, he had not been able to protect a single thing. His entire life, had been the biggest joke under the Heavens!

Qu Wen Hao lost his mind. He laughed uncontrollable, laughed till he choked on his own breath, his laughter sounding like a screech as it reached Qu Xin Rui’s ears.

Shen Chi went past Qu Wen Hao and walked towards the terrified woman!


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