GDBBM – Chapter 110

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Chapter 110: “Soaring Cloud Signal (1)”

“This is your spirit?” Jun Qing, amazed.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie was unable to explain how little black cat came about, and with Little Lotus still not matured in the pond, she nodded haphazardly.

“Your spiritual powers have awoken?” Jun Qing asked in surprise.

“Not too long ago, a little late though.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

Jun Qing was ecstatic, Jun Xian and him had thought Jun Wu Xie was born with no affinity with the spirits. Alas, the heavens still blessed the Jun Family!

As Jun Qing and Jun Wu Xie was talking, a blood soaked Uncle Fu rushed in with the fifteen Rui Lin Army soldiers. Seeing his lord and young miss fine, he dropped on one knee, sword at his side.

“My tardiness has made you suffer, my Lord and Young Miss!”

“It’s all right, all of you please rise.” Jun Qing assured them. The bulk of the enemies charged the front yard, over a hundred of them. These sixteen men were vastly outnumbered, and their clothes were now in tatters, the blood on them whether from the enemies or from the wounds they carry, was indistinguishable.

Jun Wu Xie reached into her robes and threw two white porcelain bottles to Uncle Fu.

“Taken orally and applied externally.”

Uncle Fu held the two bottles in his hands, and looked at Jun Wu Xie gratefully.

“Thank you Young Miss! If it was not for the Young Master’s help, we might have been further delayed.”

Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow in thought. Jun Wu Yao was quick and nimble in the battle, but at that moment he was nowhere to be seen.

“Tonight has shown us someone is plotting against our Lin Palace. We managed to handle them here, but father was compelled to go out of the city. Although he brought some guards with him, it is obvious that the enemy are well prepared.” Jun Qing’s expression grew grim, the attack on Lin Palace tonight was a thoroughly planned out one, if not for the false weakened front that Lin Palace had put up, the enemy might have succeeded.

Three unexpected elements threw the enemy off.

They did not expect that Jun Qing could regain the use of his legs, Jun Wu Xie’s spirit’s sudden appearance blew up in their faces, and Jun Wu Yao, with god slaying prowess…..

The series of surprises allowed the Lin Palace to overcome the overwhelming odds the enemy threw at them, and blew the well planned ruse to smithereens.

But, Jun Xian was still in danger!

“Locate Lin Wang immediately!” Jun Qing ordered.

The Lin Palace was awash in a sea of red, and before the guards were able to move out, someone came before the gates.

Li Ran, the general who just a while ago, left from these very same gates, came in pale and gaunt, bearing grave news.

Jun Xian while in pursuit of Lin Yue Yang, met with an incident, the guards were all killed, and Jun Xian himself had disappeared.

Hearing the news, Jun Qing was barely able to control his rage, his eyes tore into Li Ran, suppressing a strong compulsion to shred him to pieces.

Jun Wu Xie stared coldly at the news, stood up resolutely and hastened out the gates of Lin Palace.

“Wu Xie!” Jun Qing looked at Jun Wu Xie quizzically.

Jun Wu Xie walked on till she stepped out past the gates, she reached within her robes and pulled out a small embroidered bag that contained the Soaring Cloud Signals.

A beam of red light shot high into the night sky above Lin Palace, and exploded into a brilliant burst of fire with a ear splitting roar, obliterated the darkness completely and shattered the quiet of night!

Li Ran, who witnessed all this, fell back in shock, sitting on the ground, looking at Jun Wu Xie, teeth chattering.

With the Soaring Cloud Signal fired, the entire Rui Lin Army comes!

What was the Jun Family Missy thinking!?

“Uncle, I have to find Grandfather.” Jun Wu Xie turned her head, backlit by the signal’s flare, it was seen, the cold chilly eyes had been lit aflame.

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