GDBBM – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: “A Storm is Brewing (5)”

“Intruders of Lin Palace, shall DIE!” The decade of repression withheld within Jun Qing burst forth at that moment into a mesmerising dance with his blade, a weaving trail of moonlight reflecting off the sword like liquid silver, weaving through the shadowed figures in a flash!

Standing as though rooted to the ground, the shadows had no time to react!

They stood in blank astonishment, looking at Jun Qing.

Did the cripple who was sitting in the wheelchair, just kill a score of his enemies in a flash? That swift and unerringly precise swordplay chilled them to their bones.

Jun Qing was not crippled! He was faster than ever!

They could only watch on in dismay, as their comrades were killed one by one, as chilling fear crept into their hearts.

“White Owl!” Jun Qing summoned under his breath, and blinding brilliance burst forth from the ring on his finger. A large white owl manifested within the light, and with a screech, swooped into the enemies!

The Bone Corroding White Owl! Jun Qing’s contractual spirit, of the highest seventh level of spiritual power, had spread fear in battle throughout the lands!

For ten years….. Jun Qing had hidden the spirit from people, and most have forgotten the existence of the Bone Corroding White Owl!

With its massive wingspan of over three metres, it kicked up a bloody whirlwind among the enemies, in the eye of the storm!

“Damn it! Jun Qing legs! How can Jun Qing move like this? What is happening!?” The shadowed figures crowed as they were pushed back by the ferocious onslaught of blindingly fast swordplay by Jun Qing and the savage ferocity from the massive beast of an owl. With less than half their numbers remaining, they fled in retreat.

“Arghhhhh!!” The first of the retreating enemies screamed, and the dark clothed group turned to the sound of terror.

A magnificent black beast stood with a dark clothed figure’s neck held mangled within its massive jaws, bright red blood ran freely, as it splattered all over the ground.


The beast broke the neck.

“None of you will leave here alive tonight.” Perched upon the back of the beast, a beautiful youthful girl declared indifferently to the panic stricken group of dark clothed men, staring down at them with cold merciless eyes.

The black beast sensed the blood thirstiness emanating from its mistress, and pounced upon the enemy.

With blindingly fast Jun Qing at their backs, the vicious Bone Corroding White Owl above, and the ferocious black beast blocking their retreat, the group of men in black fell in a symphony of screams. Even at the point of death, they did not know what hit them.

The Lin Palace was on its decline, how are they still so strong?

Nearly a hundred men in black were slaughtered in a blink of an eye, the pungent smell of blood hung heavily, the ground littered with bodies, turning the once quiet and tranquil backyard into a scene from hell, a ghastly sight to behold.

“Wu Xie! Are you alright?!” Having killed all the enemies, Jun Qing looked inquiringly at his niece perched atop the massive beast, eyes alight with wonder.

The white owl fluttered down, hooked claws on a corpse, and tilted its head, observing Jun Wu Xie’s mount.

“I’m fine, Uncle. Are you hurt?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“It will take more than these trash to injure me, I must say I feel slighted.” Jun Qing gestured at the beast under Jun Wu Xie, eyes bright with fascination, and asked :“And, this is…..?”

The black beast looked very much like a panther, but upon closer inspection, it was bigger, more bulky and muscular, and its ears were pointed, unlike the rounded ones of a panther.

“Meow” A gentle meow sounded from the imposing black beast with its slavering fanged jaws.

Jun Qing was dumbstruck in astonishment.

This is Little Black, you’ve seen him.” Jun Wu Xie explained.

“…….” Looking back at the times when Jun Wu Xie had been carrying the tiny little black cat in her arms, Jun Qing was unable to believe the massive beast that stood in front of him and that tiny kitty were one and the same.

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