GDBBM – Chapter 111

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Chapter 111: “Soaring Cloud Signal (2)”

A thunderous roar resounded throughout the entire Imperial City as people were abruptly awoken from their slumber looked out their windows groggily and saw the night sky illuminated red.

The people who did not know the reason behind the red sky felt that it was a beautiful sight as the sparkling red trailed off, as whole families gathered together, admiring it.

The officials, however, were not in the mood to enjoy the red tinged sky. Simply because that red light and that thunderous roar was all too familiar to them.

Every time they heard this sound, and saw this red sky, it only meant one thing – There was going to be bloodshed.

Soaring Cloud Signal has been activated! The call to mobilize the entire Rui Lin Army!

This was a jolt to their mind as the terror that came with it filled their hearts.

Something major will happen tonight! A huge change was coming.

In the Royal Palace, the Emperor who was in his chambers let out a startled cry when he heard the resounding roar. He rushed out to see what the commotion was about as he wiped off the cold sweat but when he looked at the source of the noise, he stood there motionless as he stared agape at the red sky. It was a familiar red, as he swallowed an involuntary gulp as his heart started to feel as if it was on fire, ablaze with fear.

Who was it? Who signaled the Soaring Cloud Signal?!

Under the cover of the night, the earth was trembling slightly as the mad rush of horses neighing and hooves clamping could be heard nearing the Imperial City.

In Imperial city, the guards narrowed their eyes and peered into the darkness with the flickering torches, when they saw the cavalry of fully armoured men with the Qilin emblem coupled with their oppressive presence and with ferocious eyes. The guards felt their legs go soft as they fell back onto the city wall as they looked at the entire regiment that appeared before them.

The Rui Lin Army!

It’s the Rui Lin Army!

Riding their majestic horses and galloping into the direction of Lin Palace, they were like a gust of wind as they rushed past the guards who still had not awoken from their stupor.

That night, it was a sleepless night for everyone in the Imperial City.

In Lin Palace, Jun Wu Xie was standing motionless as if deep in thought as the night breeze blew  as the flickering flames from the torches illuminated her beautiful face. However, her expression was grim and cold.

Once the Rui Lin Army reached Lin Palace, they dismounted their horses. They each had on polished silver armour with a Qilin emblem on it and immediately got down on one knee in unison as they assembled in front of Jun Wu Xie.

Long Qi was at the front of the ranks as he solemnly kneeled and said: “Young Miss”

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes as she looked at the most elite troops in the Kingdom of Qi, all the frost in her eyes were engulfed by a flame from within.

“Wu Xie! What is your intention?” Jun Qing was sitting in the hall as he looked anxiously at Jun Wu Xie who was standing at the doorway.

Jun Wu Xie turned around and looked at Jun Qing, her eyes full of murderous intent.

“Emperor to abdicate.” That foolish Emperor! How dare he?!

Jun Qing was startled as his eyes widened in shock, forcing the Emperor to abdicate? Has she lost her mind?

Li Ran who was badly shaken by the onslaught of events was trembling by the wall, his legs threatening to buckle any moment. He could not believe what he had just heard.

Lin Palace Young Miss wants the Emperor to abdicate? He was covered in cold sweat which even soaked through his clothes.

“Little Black.” Jun Wu Xie coldly called out with her icy voice. A large black shadow strode into the hall with domineering steps as in walked in majestically. It’s fangs were still stained with blood.

“Silence him.”Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes.

Li Ran’s heart felt a sense of foreboding but before he could respond, in a blink of an eye, a huge black beast had reached him.

A shrill scream resounded throughout, however in a short moment, everything went silent.

Jun Qing stared expressionlessly at Li Ran’s body that was tossed onto the floor by the black beast as it strode back to her side.

Outside the gate, Rui Lin Army had all personally witnessed this gruesome scene, they had all recognised General Li Ran, however they did not know how he had offended their Young Miss and ended up in this situation.

They all looked on coldly without uttering a single word.

Rui Lin Army had absolute obedience towards the Jun Family.

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