GDBBM – Chapter 1098

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Chapter 1098: “The Show is About to Start (3)”

Xiong Ba held his head in agony as he looked at Qing Yu. “What’s wrong?”

“Go quickly to the city’s gates and see!” Qing Yu said as he stepped forward to pull Xiong Ba up. Xiong Ba was still feeling rather woozy and when Qing Yu dragged him to his feet, his steps were rather unsteady.

At the Thousand Beast City’s gates, the mass of people congregated there had fully filled several of the main streets. Qing Yu dragged Xiong Ba along as they squeezed past the crowd and when they reached the front of crowd of people, what he saw before him made his eyes widen up in shock!

Outside the city’s gates, thousands of womenfolk were gathered there. Their eyes brimming with tears, their figures thinned and frail looking, as they held their hands together nervously before their chests.

The Thousand Beast City had more than a thousand of their people in total abducted by Qu Xin Rui, and they were standing right before their eyes!

Xiong Ba’s mind exploded with that realisation!

All those people who had been captured by Qu Xin Rui had actually returned!

That was just something outright impossible!

Those women who have been separated for so long with their families were all crying at the same time, shrouding the Thousand Beast City in a sorrow that made people’s hearts wince to hear.

Many people have upon hearing the news rushed to the scene and saw their wives and mothers. They could not be bothered with anything else and just rushed forward to wrap their loved ones into their arms.

The Thousand Beast City’s gate broke out in a clamour of wails and sobs, the people weeping in tight embrace not even able to ponder upon what was really happening.

Qu Xin Rui would bring a batch of people back every month but the numbers were always few. But this time, all the people she had abducted have been released and that had been highly shocking to everyone!

Xiong Ba stared with his eyes widened, and looking at the womenfolk who have returned, his mind was a complete blank.

Qu Xin Rui would never be so kind, to release everybody all at once.

And behind all the highly emotional women, at the foot of the city wall, Xiong Ba suddenly spotted a familiar figure. He recognized it to be Qiao Chu who had just come rushing back to the Thousand Beast City several days ago!

“It’s Jun Xie….. Jun Xie rescued all of them…..” Like a bolt of lightning had struck him, Xiong Ba fell back in a stagger as Qing Yu rushed to hold him up, his eyes filled with the same shame and guilt.

The return of all their womenfolk, was definitely not due to Qu Xin Rui being merciful. When Qiao Chu and Hua Yao had come to them a few days ago, telling them that they had found the location where their people have been imprisoned, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu had wanted so much to ask them for the exact location, but were too ashamed to open their mouths then. They had then thought that Jun Xie had totally abandoned them after that and would not help them any further.

But today, they were looking at all these people returned to them.

Xiong Ba and Qing Yu immediately felt their faces begin to burn with a stinging pain!

Jun Xie had still saved all these people held hostage. Even after they had betrayed the youth, he had not let the rage in his heart implicate these innocent hostages.

The return of the hostages had inadvertently delivered one tight slap onto Xiong Ba and his people. The deep shame and the prick to their conscience made them suddenly find it hard to breathe.

Compared to Jun Xie, they were all just a bunch of ungrateful beasts!

Standing within the joyous and highly emotional atmosphere surrounding them, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu hung their heads in shame. They had noticed, among the crowd, a flustered Qu Wen Hao was staring blankly at everything before him…..

Qu Wen Hao’s gaze was lifeless, his originally dashing looks had seemingly aged more than ten years over the past few days. His shoulders were trembling slightly, like he was trying to hold back the emotions he held suppressed within.

Other people in the Thousand Beast City were not aware of the reason why their family members were able to return safely.



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