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Chapter 1097: “The Show is About to Start (2)”

Seeing the traces left from the passage of time showing up and becoming more and more obvious upon her skin, Qu Xin Rui was getting more and more agitated. The predicament one was cornered into by the changes that came with time’s passing, was one thing she did not want to experience again.

Shen Chi’s brows creased together slightly and said: “I have completed the offering and its power has been fully restored. Why are you still afflicted with this condition?”

According to reason, Qu Xin Rui should now be able to retain her youthful looks that would not fade. But for some unknown reason, ever since the birthday banquet, the speed of her body’s aging had suddenly been highly accelerated, making it seem as if that the young and youthful skin on her body was slowly being peeled off bit by bit.

“You are sure that having that slut Qu Ling Yue locked up within the dungeon will not affect me in any way?” Qu Xin Rui asked.

Shen Chi shook his head.

“The underground dungeon and the Heavenly Cloud Chambers are not linked directly, so that should not affect you at all.”

Qu Xin Rui gritted her teeth and said: “Once the matter with the Fire Country is confirmed, I will be making a trip back, to ask the Elder to help me see what is happening. I have not gone back for many years and could it be that the effects from that thing is losing its efficacy on me…..”

Shen Chi said: “Maybe, but it has already been quite a few days and Jun Xie still has not appeared. Are you really confident that he will accept your terms for the sake of one Spirit Beast?” Upon saying that, Shen Chi’s gaze fell upon the figure of Lord Meh Meh at the side.

Ever since that day when Lord Meh Meh had come to the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, it had just quietly laid at that spot. Not eating nor drinking, and not making a single sound. If not for the aura still emanating from the beast, one would really think that it had fallen into a deep sleep.

Qu Xin Rui had firmly believed that with Lord Meh Meh in their hands, they would be able to force Jun Xie to submit. But they have waited a few days and they had still not seen any sign of Jun Xie, which inadvertently caused her to develop a sense of unease.

“Wait a while more….. If he still doesn’t appear, I will come up with another plan.”

Shen Chi shrugged and did not say anything more.

Very soon, a guard of the Heavenly Cloud Chambers came running over.

Qu Xin Rui was already in a foul mood and when she saw the flustered guard, she asked with a frown on her face: “Why are you being so flustered? Don’t tell me you saw a ghost.”

The guard started to stammer: “Reporting to Great Aunt. Today….. The batch of people have been sent back…..”

Qu Xin Rui’s lips stiffened and she said impatiently: “So what if they have been sent back. Let those fools be happy for a few days and when the end of the month comes, just send them out again. What is there to be so flustered about?”

The monthly exchange of hostages had never been a thing she cared about.

But the guard continued to stammer: “But….. but…..”


Inside the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Xiong Ba was suffering from a splitting headache as he sat in his room. He had consecutively drunk himself into unconsciousness the past few days and he was finding himself unable to differentiate between reality and his dreams. Everything before his eyes seemed to be moving which brought about bouts of nausea.

The disciple who came in with hangover tea just set it down and did not dare say anything but just threw Xiong Ba a worried glance before retreating out from the room.

These days, the atmosphere within the entire Fiery Blaze Clan Hall had become extremely strange and although no one dared to bring up the incident that happened on that day, that incident had been burned and branded into their hearts, an indelible memory. Although the disciples did not know everything about the matter, but from the conversation between Jun Xie and Qu Wen Hao that day, they were able to roughly feel something from it.

They, the Thousand Beast City, must have done something that let Young Master Jun down greatly…..

“Clan Chief!” Qing Yu was panicky and highly flustered as he came rushing into Xiong Ba’s room.

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