GDBBM – Chapter 1099

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Chapter 1099: “Face Slap – Eleventh Form (1)”

But for Xiong Ba, Qing Yu and Qu Wen Hao, it couldn’t have been more clear. The return of their people, was all due to the credit of the youth they had all betrayed.

Endless guilt and shame coupled with self admonishment wrecked at their hearts, like an enormous rock that crushed upon them, making it hard for them to breathe.

Qu Wen Hao was in a daze, the past few days a fuzzy memory to him like he had been living in a dream. He walked staggeringly, searching anxiously among the women who had returned, yearning to see that one familiar figure that he had missed and had always been on his mind for so many years.

But as his gaze swept over the crowd of people again and again, he still did not see his wife…..

“Did anyone….. anyone see my wife…..” Terror and unease swam within Qu Wen Hao’s heart, as he stood helplessly among the crowd swimming around him, his voice all choked up.

The women who just returned wiped the tears from their faces and they turned to look sorrowfully at Qu Wen Hao.

Their gazes made the sense of unease within Qu Wen Hao grew stronger and his highly nervous hands began to shake.

[No, it can’t…..] [His wife will be fine. Those people who have returned every month had all said she was still fine….. Nothing could have happened…..]

“Madam she…..” The rescued women bit on their lip and lowered their heads. They had all been captured by Qu Xin Rui at the same time and imprisoned together at the same place. What really happened then, they all knew clearly.

“Where is she? Why did she not come back?” Qu Wen Hao was acting like he had lost his mind as he clutched at a woman’s shoulders, asking anxiously for information whether his wife was still safe and sound.

The woman could not bear to look at him and turned her head away, avoiding Qu Wen Hao’s eyes.

None of them wanted to tell Qu Wen Hao what really happened to Madam and they were all avoiding his eyes.

“What are all of you doing here! Who allowed you to come back!” Suddenly, a shrill voice rang out from behind the crowd!

That ear piercing voice tore through all the sounds of weeping and everyone turned their heads at the same time.

Qu Xin Rui had brought Shen Chi and his men and they were now standing at the back of the crowd!

Where she stood, everyone stepped back in fear and parted to open up a path before her.

Qu Xin Rui clenched her jaw as she stared at the chaos before her. She could not believe what her own eyes were seeing. All the sluts she had imprisoned in the dungeon had all been released to return here!

When she had received the news from the guard, Qu Xin Rui had not believed that it was true. But when she saw all of this before her eyes, she finally realised….. something had gone wrong!

These people had been imprisoned in a place out of the Thousand Beast City, why had they all suddenly appeared here? Qu Xin Rui did not see the guards she had stationed to take charge of watching these people among the crowd and a shadow of unease began to grow within her heart.

Qu Xin Rui’s appearance had forced all the people who had been immersed in the joy of their sudden reunion to immediately wake up. All the women who had finally been able to reunite with their family after so long hid in terror behind their family members, their pale hands gripping tightly the hands of their family, not daring to let go for a single moment. Their faces were filled with fear towards Qu Xin Rui, staring at Qu Xin Rui as if they were looking at the devil. The family members standing at their sides were their very last hope to save them and they did not dare to let go of it a single instant.

“Damn it! Bring all these people back now! Just who was it that dared to do something like this? Who allowed all of you to come back here? All the rest of you leave immediately! Get the hell out of here obediently or I am sure all of you know what the consequences will be!” Qu Xin Rui screamed in rage.


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