GDBBM – Chapter 1096

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Chapter 1096: “The Show is About to Start (1)”

Jun Wu Xie was calm as she looked at Qiao Chu’s shocked expression.

“Damn it….. We will now just go and torment that old witch to death!” Qiao Chu said, rubbing his fists, all ready to stir up a big storm. If they had known that Jun Wu Xie would be put through all these in the Thousand Beast City, they wouldn’t have let Jun Wu Xie come here alone even if you beat them to death.

“No rush.” Jun Wu Xie said, shaking her head. She turned to Hua Yao at the side and said: “Have you guys managed to find out where those people have been imprisoned?”

Hua Yao nodded. “The place they have been imprisoned is not too far away. It is an underground dungeon and the people guarding the place are not exceptionally powerful. But as most of the prisoners are weak and helpless ladies, so they were not able to resist against the guards much.”

The guards that Qu Xin Rui sent there were not too wary and alert, and it was thought that it might have been because this had gone on for many a number of years and they have never encountered anyone who dared to resist them, which made them complacent and relaxed their guard.

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Qiao Chu’s eyes widened. “That scoundrel of a Grand Chieftain had already done something so treacherous and you are still thinking of helping him to save his people? Have you gone mad?”

Qiao Chu was of the thinking that after Qu Wen Hao had committed such a blunder, the fact that Jun Wu Xie had not killed him was already being very merciful, and continuing to help him save those abducted ladies who were from the Thousand Beast City was something completely unthinkable.

“I’m doing this not for the sake of the Thousand Beast City.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly. “I would naturally have my own reasons for doing this.”

The cooperation with the Thousand Beast City had already been terminated and all that she was doing now was only for the sake of getting the map as soon as possible.

“The plan has already come to this stage. Regardless of what Qu Wen Hao and his people wants to do, I will not discontinue with my plan. Since we are unable to continue with the cooperation, then I will just let them move according to my plan.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowing up.

Qiao Chu was rather astounded and he asked: “What do you intend to do?”

Jun Wu Xie answered: “Get the map, take back Lord Meh Meh, and send Qu Xin Rui….. on her way to Hell.”

“Where are Fei Yan and the others now?” Jun Wu Xie then asked.

“Keeping watch at the place, in case anything unexpected happens.” Hua Yao said.

“Tell them to act as soon as possible. I want to push Qu Xin Rui over into the abyss little by little.” Jun Wu Xie said with a chilling smile. She had initially only seeked to get the map. But as Qu Xin Rui had chosen to take Lord Meh Meh, she wasn’t about to be nice about it.


After some discussion, Jun Wu Xie asked Hua Yao and Qiao Chu to first go get some rest but because of what happened within the Thousand Beast City, the two of them refused to rest and took advantage of the cover of night to slip out of the city, to bring the news to their other companions.

Watching the night sky, Jun Wu Xie stared at the darkness that enveloped the Thousand Beast City, her eyes chilled with an icy glint.


At the beginning of the month, a new batch of hostages from the Thousand Beast City was sent back into the city to be reunited with their family. Bright and early, the people were already gathered at the gates of the Thousand Beast City, watching in anticipation to see whether their family members were among those who returned this time.

In the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, Qu Xin Rui was highly agitated as she sat in front of her dressing table. The transformation had spread to her entire right arm and the originally smooth and fair skin had now been replaced with one that was old, aged and wrinkled. The affliction had only been about the size of a palm previously and it had now spread throughout her entire arm, slowly going towards her shoulder.

“What is really happening? Shen Chi! Haven’t you already completed the sacrifice? Why do I not feel anything at all?” Qu Xin Rui asked in exasperation as she threw the bronze mirror onto the floor.


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