GDBBM – Chapter 1095

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Chapter 1095: “The Despicable Got Their Way (5)”

Under Ye Sha guidance, Qiao Chu and Hua Yao came to the inn that Jun Wu Xie was staying at.

When Qiao Chu pushed the door open to enter, his face was still slightly tinged with resentment against the Thousand Beast City’s betrayal. And as the door opened and he saw the person inside the room, he was completely stunned.

Jun Wu Yao sat gracefully upon a chair by the window, the moonlight spilling over his body that streamed in through the window. He was supporting his chin in one hand as he watched Jun Wu Xie at the side, a faint smile playing across his lips, a sight so beautiful it looked as if it was from a painting.

The moment Qiao Chu saw Jun Wu Yao, his mind went completely blank.

“Big….. Big Brother Wu Yao…..”

Jun Wu Yao lifted his head slightly to look at Qiao Chu and Hua Yao at the door and smiled at them.

“You’re back already.” Qiao Chu said, scratching at his head. He had not thought that he would see Jun Wu Yao here. He had been worried that Jun Wu Xie would be suffering after the matter with the Thousand Beast City, but at the moment he saw Jun Wu Yao, he immediately felt relieved.

With Jun Wu Yao here, he will not allow Jun Wu Xie to suffer any injustice.

“That’s right.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile.

Hua Yao glanced at Qiao Chu who was standing at the door gaping stupidly and he raised a foot to kick Qiao Chu inside.

Almost having fallen onto the ground, Qiao Chu turned his head towards Hua Yao with an aggrieved look but Hua Yao was too stingy to even spare him a glance out of the corner of his eyes and had turned to Jun Wu Xie instead.

“What actually happened?” Hua Yao asked, his brows creasing up together.

Jun Wu Xie looked up and asked nonchalantly: “You guys went to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall?”

“Yes.” Hua Yao nodded.

“The you should already know what has happened.” Jun Wu Xie had not gone to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall again since that day but she still remembered what she said to Qiao Chu and the others previously. Once Qiao Chu and the others found out the exact location that those people have been imprisoned, they were to immediately make their way to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall to tell her the news. Hence Jun Wu Xie had asked Ye Sha to keep a lookout at the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall and once he saw Qiao Chu and Hua Yao coming out from the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, he had led them straight here.

The expression on Qiao Chu’s face when he had pushed to door in to enter had already given Jun Wu Xie enough hints to the information.

To have been able to make Qiao Chu so resentful, Xiong Ba and his people must have already revealed to him all that had happened previously.

“The Thousand Beast City are an absolute disgrace! If we had known earlier, we shouldn’t have agreed to their request in the first place and leave them to meet their own demise.” When Qiao Chu recalled what he had heard earlier, the ball of fiery rage within immediately reignited to burn strongly.

Jun Wu Xie had never been one who liked to meddle into the affairs of others. Although her personality was rather cold, but she would never initiate any provocation against others. As long as people do not poke at her inverted scale, she seldom struck viciously. This matter regarding the Thousand Beast City, had been initiated by Xiong Ba and the others themselves, and now that they were bitten by their betrayal, not even a saint could be expected to tolerate such two faced treachery!

Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at the seething Qiao Chu, whose eyes had turned calm.

Hua Yao gaze swept across the room and he was silent a moment before he asked: “Where is Lord Meh Meh?”

Hua Yao’s words caused Qiao Chu to be taken aback in surprise. When they were at the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Xiong Ba had said that Qu Xin Rui had her eye on Jun Wu Xie’s Spirit Beast but they had thought that with Jun Wu Xie’s resourcefulness, she would never let that happen. But now that they did not see any signs of Lord Meh Meh within the room, Qiao Chu’s heart dropped with a thud.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head to look at the bright moon outside the window, her voice calm as she said: “In Qu Xin Rui’s hands.”

Qiao Chu’s eyes widened in shock, his face filled with incredulity, unable to believe his own ears.



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