GDBBM – Chapter 1094

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Chapter 1094: “The Despicable Got Their Way (4)”

Qiao Chu was exploding with rage. He never would have dreamed, that when they came here into the Thousand Beast City, what greeted them would be a result like this!

“All this time we have been risking our lives out there for your people and you have proven yourselves to be so vicious! Because of your very own Young Miss and all of you forced Little Xie to give up his Spirit Beast? When we were spending sleepless night out there trying to resolve the Thousand Beast City’s crisis, what were all of you doing? This is the goddamned reward you are giving back to us! ?” Qiao Chu slammed his fist onto Xiong Ba’s face, a mighty big one, that made Xiong Ba immediately see stars!

Although it was true they needed the human skin map, but if Xiong Ba and his group had not invited them here, they would still seek other avenues to get what they wanted in their hands and Xiong Ba wasn’t the only route they could take. They had chosen to trust Xiong Ba, but what had they gotten in return?

When they had been outside toiling for the sake of the Thousand Beast City, these people from the Thousand Beast City had instead pushed Jun Wu Xie right into the fire!

What kind of an ally was that! ?

Qiao Chu’s heart was filled with regret. They shouldn’t have agreed to collaborate with the Thousand Beast City right from the start. With just Jun Wu Xie’s ploys, to get the human skin map, they wouldn’t have needed any outside help. They had done all this just because Xiong Ba and Qu Ling Yue had pleaded with them.

Qiao Chu’s fist rained down upon Xiong Ba’s face but it did not reduce any of the rage he had pent up inside.

That feeling of being betrayed was completely unacceptable.

Xiong Ba did not resist in the slightest, but allowed Qiao Chu to give vent, and even when he was coughing out blood, he did not utter a single sound of complaint.

Hua Yao suddenly pulled back on Qiao Chu next punch he was about to deliver and Qiao Chu’s fist froze in mid air, his entire body fully tensed up from the rage within.

“Enough.” Hua Yao said.

“Brother Hua, let go of me! I want to kill this treacherous betraying scoundrel!” Qiao Chu said through tightly clenched teeth.

“I said it’s enough.” Hua Yao said coldly. “Finding Little Xie should be the key.”

All the strength seeped out of Qiao Chu at that moment, as he tossed Xiong Ba to the side.

Hua Yao chilling gaze fell upon the wretched looking Xiong Ba, and there wasn’t the slightest trace of sympathy in those eyes.

“From now onwards, whether the Thousand Beast City lives or dies, it does not concern us. Our cooperation is henceforth terminated.” Hua Yao said icily, immediately turning to walk out the doors.

Qiao Chu glared at Xiong Ba and Qing Yu and quickly followed.

Xiong Ba remained lying weakly upon the ground, the pain all over his body seemingly reminding him of his incompetence and shame.

Hua Yao and Qiao Chu came out of the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, and they stood on the main street under the night sky. The street was cold and cheerless, the pale moonlight shone upon it, showing its emptiness.

“Brother Hua, where….. could Little Xie have gone?” Qiao Chu was seemingly a little perplexed.

“She would still be within city.” Hua Yao said with absolute certainty.

The night air was cool, but Qiao Chu and Hua Yao could not calm their hearts. They had rushed all the way here but had been met with such a result, which wouldn’t be acceptable in anyone’s mind.

Suddenly, a black shadow appeared right before the two youths. When the two torn and perplexed youths saw the face of the person, their eyes immediately lit up in joy.

“Ye Sha!” Qiao Chu stared in surprise at Ye Sha who had appeared so suddenly in front of him.

Ye Sha nodded slightly.

“Did Little Xie ask you to come look for us? Where is she now?” Qiao Chu asked excitedly, as under the heavens, the only person besides Jun Wu Yao who was able to give orders to Ye Sha, would only be Jun Wu Xie!

Ye Sha answered: “The Young Miss had ordered for me to wait for the two of you here. I will now bring you to go see her.”


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