GDBBM – Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: “A Storm is Brewing (4)”

The scarlet rain that fell brought with it an acrid and suffocating smell. Jun Wu Xie glanced at the bodies scattered all over, her eyes strangely calm.

“Sorry I woke you, Wu Xie.” Jun Wu Yao smiled apologetically, and looked down at his blood spattered clothes. “I really wish you didn’t have to see me like this.”

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. Upon hearing fighting from the front yard, her eyes flashed a cold intent.

[Mistress! Something’s up] The little black cat arched it’s back in anxiety.

“It’s the Emperor.” Jun Wu Xie reasoned exceptionally coldly. “Jun Wu Yao!”

“Hmm?” Jun Wu Yao smiled faintly, fervour in his eyes.

“Kill them.”

“As you wish.” Jun Wu Yao’s smiled and his slender figure turned into a shadow, and shot towards the front yard.

[Mistress, your uncle!] The little black cat exclaimed.

With a flourish, Jun Wu Xie threw the little black cat. Its body elongated and bulked up and a majestic black beast landed in the back yard. Jun Wu Xie hopped onto the beast, eyes ablaze with fury.


The ferocious black beast, in full stride, sped towards Jun Qing.

Clamour and din tore through the night in the Lin Palace, as the stench of death hung heavily over the palace.

Jun Qing sat in his wheelchair, eyes narrowed, staring down the group of men in black who broke in. A sword in hand, droplets of scarlet were dripping down the tip of his sword onto his wheelchair, as blood from the five dark clothed figures who laid dead, around the wheelchair. More shadows closed in on him.

“I see Your Highness is still as skilled as before, but in your current state, are you able to win against these odds?” The dark clothed man sneered, looking at Jun Qing in his wheelchair.

They know very well the formidable skills and prowess the Jun Family possessed, if Jun Qing was still at his peak, he might be able to defeat them all, but the once formidable Jun Qing had been reduced to a cripple, with great sword skills, albeit without the freedom to move his legs.

Jun Qing eyed the men in black that surrounded him, expression cold as steel, eyes narrowed as his eyes flashed a glint of murderous intent.

These men in black, having chose this most opportune time to come here, obviously had plotted this for some time. With the majority of the guards out of the city, the few remaining guards, must be having a hard time with the enemy.

“A small fry, showing such impertinence in Lin Palace, you overestimate yourself.” Jun Qing intoned coldly.

He was not afraid he was surrounded. He was more worried for Jun Xian and Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Xian was impelled to leave the city, and these men in black immediately stormed the Lin Palace. This whole ruse was targeted at the Lin Palace all this time! He was worried if Jun Xian was all right, and if his niece Jun Wu Xie was safe.

Jun Wu Xie did not have any contractual spirit and was not able to develop her spiritual energy. She would not stand a chance against them if the men in black found her.

“Your Highness is sounding rather high and mighty, there are but a few guards here tonight, and there is no point dragging the inevitable. The remaining guards are held up in battle in the front yard, and I’m afraid the Young Miss of your household might have already lost her head. Tonight will be the downfall of Lin Palace, surrender yourself and I’ll give you a painless death.” The dark clothed man gloated.

A sudden bright gleam flashed, and the dark clothed man’s eyes widened in horror before he collapsed.

Though surrounded by the men in black, Jun Qing was unyielding, his blue cloak fluttered in the breeze, his attractive features took on a menacing shift, as he gripped his sword, and fixed his gaze on the enemy.

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