GDBBM – Chapter 1053

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Chapter 1053: “You’re Not Cold? I Am (3)”

A strange look came over Jun Wu Yao’s face for a fleeting moment. Jun Wu Xie had never once asked anything about him before. Who he was, where he usually went on a daily basis, she had not asked him once. But today, she had now asked.

Jun Wu Xie was still looking at him earnestly.

Jun Wu Yao was not displeased in anyway by her inquiry but the smile lines at the corner of his eyes had instead creased up more deeply.

“I had to go deal with some matters and I have resolved them now.” This was the first time Jun Wu Xie has asked him something about himself. Could he in turn then understand it as the little one was finally beginning to become concerned about things relating to him?

“Will you still need to go?” Jun Wu Xie could not hold herself back from asking.

“Not for the time being.” Jun Wu Yao replied as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, his eyes which had been jet black completely transformed to violet. His violet eyes fully reflected the figure of Jun Wu Xie, as if wanting to forever brand that image deeply into his soul.

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything else after that.

Jun Wu Yao carried her up and sat down on a chair, putting her directly upon his lap, a hand holding her tiny face, his eyes carefully scrutinizing every single strand of her brows.

“Don’t want me to go?” Jun Wu Yao’s voice was slightly suppressed, as if treading on untested ground.

Jun Wu Xie looked at him and hesitated for awhile before she very faintly, nodded her head just once.

“Then I won’t go.” Jun Wu Yao said suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes widened up slightly as she looked upon Jun Wu Yao’s face with its immensely wide smile.

“You have things you need to deal with.” She was only thinking that way but she never really expected that he would always remain behind. Behind Jun Wu Yao, too many secrets were hidden and her insincts told her that the matters he was dealing with was way beyond her to be able to interfere.

Forcibly making him stay with her would be too selfish of her and Jun Wu Xie did not want to do that.

“In my heart, there is no matter that can be more important than you.” Jun Wu Yao said, as he held Jun Wu Xie’s tiny hands, beaming smilingly at her.

Jun Wu Xie’s heartbeat, suddenly skipped a beat.

She wanted so much to calmly tell Jun Wu Yao that he did not need to do that as it was merely just her emotions were feeling rather strange today and he need not take her words seriously. But even she looked into that pair of smiling eyes, those words seemed to have all lodged up within her throat where she was unable to speak them no matter how she tried.

“There no need to worry. Certain things do not require me to do it myself.” As if he had seen through Jun Wu Xie’s dilemma, Jun Wu Yao could not help but laugh as he brought himself closer to her, putting his forehead against hers, to say softly: “Unless, Little Xie doesn’t wish for me to stay behind to accompany you?”

“No…..” It had been some time since Jun Wu Xie had felt her speech impairment had regressed once again. After being reborn, she had experienced quite a lot and gained herself a family and companions. She was gradually changing and her ability at expressing herself was slowly improving. But at this moment, it was as if she had gone back to the past where she did not know what she wanted to say or how to express how she felt.

Jun Wu Yao just laughed and wrapped her within his arms, using a gentle and comforting voice to say: “Good that it’s not and you do not need to worry about the rest. I know how to deal with my things. But….. Little Xie does not find me as a bother to you anymore?” Embracing the little figure within his arms, Jun Wu Yao could not help but think back to the time when they had just met each other. At that time, embracing her like this was completely unthinkable. Even just getting a little closer to her and the little one would immediately draw her silver needles, and put forth a stance like she would send him to his death at that very moment.

Jun Wu Xie’s face turned slightly warm and fortunately Jun Wu Yao was not able to see, as she recalled the same memory as Jun Wu Yao.

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