GDBBM – Chapter 1052

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Chapter 1052: “You’re Not Cold? I Am (2)”

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes immediately lit up with an intense murderous rage!

Although the little black cat knew that that murderous rage wasn’t directed at it, but it nevertheless caused it to hold its breath as when Jun Wu Yao’s gaze swept over its tiny body, it had thought it was going to die for sure!

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed up dangerously and he raised his hand to lift Jun Wu Xie tiny face. The instant his eyes turned back, that terrifying murderous gaze had disappeared without a trace and there was only a faint smile on his face.

“It’s just only an old hag. Little Xie is a girl afterall and would a mere kiss from a female be able to cause you to be so distraught?” Jun Wu Yao teased gently.

Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

“Just feel disgusted.”

Jun Wu Xie did not know why she was feeling so strongly against it. A kiss was not that unfamiliar to her anymore as whenever Jun Wu Yao and her met, he would always kiss her on her forehead. With Jun Wu Yao’s kiss, she did not feel discomfited in the slightest but she had felt it to be natural and as it should be. When Qu Xin Rui’s lips were planted firmly on her face, she had felt so disgusted that she had almost puked on the spot.

The strong urge to want to tear her face off had been just too intense.

Jun Wu Yao asked with a laugh: “Kissed you where?”

Jun Wu Xie reached out a hand and pointed at a spot on her cheek.

Without waiting for her to shift her hand away, Jun Wu Yao suddenly lowered his head to where her finger was pointed at and laid down a faint and gentle kiss, the soft and warm lips brushing over her stinging cheek and fingertip.

“Still feel disgusted?” Jun Wu Yao asked, beaming brightly at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie was stunned momentarily as she looked at Jun Wu Yao’s familiar and comforting smile, and the feeling of disgust instantly disappeared completely from within her chest, replaced by a numb limpness that pervaded her body.

She shook her head without a word.

Jun Wu Yao held her tiny face and smiled sinisterly in tease as he asked: “My kiss is not disgusting?”

Jun Wu Xie considered it a moment and then nodded her head earnestly.

Jun Wu Yao immediately broke into a tirade of joyous laughter as he hugged Jun Wu Xie tightly within his embrace.

“If it’s not disgusting, then I should kiss you a few more times to make you forget the one from before.” And Jun Wu Yao took advantage of the opportunity to plant a few more light kisses on Jun Wu Xie’s face.

Jun Wu Xie face was still red, but it was no longer cold, but was now instead glowing with a slight warmth.

The subtle feeling from before grew in intensity within her heart. She had not thought that the freezing winter’s chill had been all that unbearable but for some unknown reason, she was suddenly feeling that she was actually longing for Jun Wu Yao’s warm embrace, and was quite reluctant to leave it.

Could it be….. the harsh icy chill from the freezing waters just now had gotten to her?

Jun Wu Xie thought hard in trying to discern the reason.

“I saw the message that Ye Sha sent me.” Jun Wu Yao said suddenly.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao in confusion. She knew that Ye Sha would sometimes relay news of their current situation to Jun Wu Yao via Ink Snakes but….. she seldom received news from Jun Wu Yao.

She didn’t know what Jun Wu Yao did on a daily basis, and she didn’t care about it in the past, but now….. she felt a little curious about it.

“He said, that you missed me?” Jun Wu Yao’s voice turned a little raspy, his jet black eyes looking straight and unwavering at Jun Wu Xie, looking deep into her eyes, seeing the reflection of himself in them.

At that very moment, there was no one else in her eyes, but only him.

Jun Wu Xie’s mouth opened but she was not able to speak, but only slowly nodded, a form of silent consent.

Within Jun Wu Yao’s jet black eyes, traces of his emotions surged suddenly, and a shadowy violet shade appeared within his black eyes.

“Where….. have you been?” Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly, her gaze serious as she looked at Jun Wu Yao.



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