GDBBM – Chapter 1054

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Chapter 1054: “You’re Not Cold? I Am (4)”

Seeing that its Mistress had been successfully appeased by the demon lord, the little black cat finally let out a sigh of relief.

Although it was just absolutely terrified of the demon lord but it really had to say…..

Sometimes, the demon lord’s ability at pacifying its Mistress really had a rather immediate effect.

When that thought came to its mind, the little black cat could not help but secretly wipe tears from its eyes inside, suddenly having a feeling that its Mistress was about to be stolen, and its heart winced with pain.

“I need to change out of these clothes.” Jun Wu Xie said solemnly. The icy water had splashed all over her earlier and in that weather, wearing those wet clothes were really rather uncomfortable.

“Go ahead.” Jun Wu Yao then let go of Jun Wu Xie, immediately retreating gracefully out of the room, and shutting the door behind him.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the tightly shut door. She did not know why, but she found that her nerves which had been so tightly tensed up all this while had somehow unknowingly relaxed as she went to retrieve a clean set of clothes.

At the very moment Jun Wu Yao stepped out from the room, all traces of his smile disappeared like smoke dispersed into the wind, and the pair of violet eyes shone with a chilling murderous aura.

Ye Sha and Ye Mei appeared in a instant, kneeling before Jun Wu Yao.

“Lord Jue.”

Jun Wu Yao’s eyes narrowed. He raised up a hand grandiosely, and Ye Sha who was a distance away found himself suddenly being lifted up in the air!

A black mist coiled around Ye Sha’s neck, and just like a hand, it constricted as its grip tightened up.

“At that time, you were there?” Jun Wu Yao’s voice now, compared to when he was in the room, was at least ten times more chilling.

“Yes…..” Ye Sha was finding it harder and harder to breathe and all colour had drained out from his face.

“And you did not do anything?” Jun Wu Yao’s voice narrowed dangerously, the murderous aura within his eyes turning more brutal!

Ye Sha’s face was completely pale but he did not dare resist in the slightest.

“The Young Miss left orders….. before she opens her mouth to say it….. I am not allowed to make any moves…..”

The fingers on Jun Wu Yao’s raised hand tightened abruptly and a very faint sound of cracking could be heard from Ye Sha’s neck. Ye Mei who was kneeling at the side was already drenched in cold sweat as he remained unmoving as he knelt on the ground.

Jun Wu Yao’s rage had never seen anyone able to withstand it.

At the very instant just before Ye Sha’s neck was about to snap, Jun Wu Yao suddenly retracted his hand. Having lost the support, Ye Sha instantly fell onto the ground in a sorry heap, and he did not even let out a single groan.

“If there’s a next time, you will die for it.” Jun Wu Yao said menacingly.

Ye Sha was not able to bother with the excruciating pain around his throat as he hurriedly knelt properly and there were clear and highly visible strangulation marks on his neck. “Your subordinate has failed in his duties this time. If it happens another time, your subordinate will answer for the crime with my life!”

This time, it had really been beyond whatever Ye Sha had expected.

Jun Wu Xie had always been calm and resourceful all this while and when Qu Xin Rui had moved herself close to Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Xie had not given much of a reaction and Ye Sha had continued to secretly observe the situation. When Qu Xin Rui kissed Jun Wu Xie, Ye Sha had actually intended to make his move but he saw Jun Wu Xie’s indifferent reaction and he also remembered the orders Jun Wu Xie had given him where he then decided to remain hidden.

But, when Ye Sha followed Jun Wu Xie to return here and he saw Jun Wu Xie’s actions which almost bordered on self torture, Ye Sha finally realised that it was not that Jun Wu Xie wasn’t bothered, but it was just that she did not know how to express what she felt at that moment, and she was only able to give vent to the utmost disgust in her heart with such a base and direct method.

Towards that, Ye Sha was highly remorseful himself, hating himself for having been too careless then, where he failed to detect Jun Wu Xie’s abnormality on the spot.

Jun Wu Yao snorted derisively. “If not for the fact that you once saved Little Xie’s life and she feels indebted to you, you would already be dead with this one incident.”

Ye Sha did not dare to make a single sound as he knelt there, his mind whirling furiously. In regards to his own previous self, his memories were rather fuzzy. He did not remember having ever saved Jun Wu Xie at all.

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