GDBBM – Chapter 1049

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Chapter 1049: “Cradle Snatcher (2)”

The little black cat who was being carried inside Jun Wu Xie’s arms had upon hearing Qu Xin Rui’s words, almost exploded in rage.

[What in the hell!] [This goddamned old hag who has lived too long was actually thinking of seducing its Mistress!] [How decadent!] [This old hag was obviously a disgusting cradle snatcher!]

If not for the fact the current moment wasn’t suitable for them to retaliate, the little black cat would just loved to leap onto Qu Xin Rui’s face and scratch an entire chessboard out from it.

Qu Xin Rui had been so blatant and straightforward with her words and regardless how dense Jun Wu Xie could be with these things, she would still be able to detect Qu Xin Rui’s undisguised hint.

In both her past and present life, this was the first time someone had confessed their liking for her and it had even been an old hag, which did not exactly let Jun Wu Xie feel any of the joy one felt from a “confession” of love.

“Little Young Master Jun, why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t tell me Young Master Jun does not think I am good enough?” Qu Xin Rui asked, looking forlornly at Jun Xie, the expression on her face showing hurt, but in her heart, she was highly confident of herself. Her looks in the entire Thousand Beast City was one of the most attractive and Jun Xie was merely a immature and inexperienced little kid. Even though he had ascended to become a ruler, he would still not have much experience and with the tricks she had up her sleeve, which man could escape her clutches?

Jun Wu Xie had initially thought of dragging it out with Qu Xin Rui but for some unknown reason, she suddenly felt that she did not want to continue on with these sham gestures of politeness with Qu Xin Rui anymore.

She stood up suddenly and stared at the limp and languid Qu Xin Rui to say: “In regards to Miss Qu’s suggestion, I will seriously consider it. I still have some things to attend to and if there isn’t anything else, I’ll be going back now.” Upon saying that, Jun Wu Xie did not wait for Qu Xin Rui to reply and wanted to leave.

Shen Chi was suddenly blocking her way as he stood right in front of her, the same hypocritical smile hanging upon his face.

Qu Xin Rui was surprised for a moment. She had not thought that with her having tried to seduce the youth so openly and invitingly, Jun Xie still did not react to her in the slightest, and had even….. even showed that he could not wait to a moment longer to avoid her.

Having always had complete confidence with her own charms, it was quite a while before Qu Xin Rui recovered from the fact of what just happened. She raised her head up and stared at Jun Xie who had his way blocked by Shen Chi and a trace of rage flashed in her eyes.

Never had a single man even once disregarded her beauty so completely!

Qu Xin Rui walked slowly to come beside Jun Xie and both her arms raised up slightly, to fall and hold Jun Xie upon the shoulders.

“Jun, my love, you’re leaving just like that? Do you really hate talking to me all that much?” Qu Xin Rui said, looking sadly at Jun Xie, looking like she would stick her entire body against Jun Xie’s back next.

She was taller in stature than Jun Xie and with her having hugged Jun Xie from the back, Jun Wu Xie was able to clearly feel the shapely curves of a woman’s body.

A cold chill shot through Jun Wu Xie’s body and she forced herself to calm down.

“I have things to attend to.” Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

Qu Xin Rui blinked her eyes and leaned upon Jun Xie’s shoulder. Like thunder that hits before you can cover your ears, Qu Xin Rui planted a kiss firmly on Jun Xie’s cheek.

Jun Wu Xie froze in her spot at that moment.

Qu Xin Rui looked at Jun Wu Xie’s stunned expression and a smile bloomed in her heart. As she had expected, the kid was still very green.

“It’s alright, since my man has something to attend to, I shall not hold you back anymore. You should think through it clearly fast, and not make me get too anxious waiting.” Immediately upon saying that, Qu Xin Rui released her grip and lifted her chin in a gesture to Shen Chi.

Finally having escaped from Qu Xin Rui’s claws, Jun Wu Xie slowly blinked her eyes, her gaze looking a little dazed. After Shen Chi moved away, Jun Wu Xie carried the little black cat in her arms as she walked down the stairs without any expression on her face.

The little black cat curled up within Jun Wu Xie’s arms and lifted its head to look at its Mistress whose expression on her face was looking rather queer.

[It’s over, all over!]

Its pure and untainted Mistress, had been taken advantage of by an old hag!


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