GDBBM – Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048: “Cradle Snatcher (1)”

An eyebrow lifted up on Jun Wu Xie’s face.


Qu Xin Rui said: “Has little Young Master Jun forgotten what I said to you yesterday? Although an Emperor possesses the highest authourity in his lands, but he would finally still be unable to escape the deterioration brought about by time. If little Young Master Jun is willing to lend support to my goals, you will be able to wipe that biggest worry of ruling Emperors from your mind. I showed Lin Feng to little Young Master Jun because I just wanted little Young Master Jun to know, that I am truly sincere in cooperating with you. If you agree to it, you and I will be seen as one, and anyone who disparages you will be my enemy, even if he is one of my men, no one will be spared.” Qu Xin Rui said as she leaned her body over towards Jun Xie.

Her body was curved in all the right places and dressed very lightly in very thin clothes as she leaned into Ju Xie’s body, her alluring eyes looking highly coquettish.

Jun Wu Xie did not react but just looked coldly at Qu Xin Rui who had stuck herself to her.

“Little Young Master Jun. Have you finished thinking about it since yesterday? Are you willing to cooperate and work together with me?” Qu Xin Rui said, looking at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly. There was a strange fragrance coming from Qu Xin Rui’s body and from what she could smell, that scent was slightly overpowering. Jun Wu Xie slightly shifted her body to move away from Qu Xin Rui.

“I wonder what kind of help does Miss Qu expect from me?”

Qu Xin Rui noticed Jun Xie avoiding her and she was feeling rather displeased, but her attention was quickly drawn away by Jun Xie’s questions right after that.

“I hold a map in my hands, and on that map is marked a humongous treasure, but the map is however incomplete. I only have a rough indication of the location of the treasure and am unable to find it’s exact location. If little Young Master Jun is willing to use the Fire Country’s might to help me search for the treasure’s exact location, even before the deed is done, I will teach little Young Master Jun how to turn into the Purple Spirit and after finding the treasure, I am also willing to share the treasures with Young Master Jun.”

Jun Wu Xie looked at Qu Xin Rui, with her honeyed mouth and belly filled with swords and Jun Wu Xie laughed coldly to herself in her heart. Treasure? That must be the cheap trick the people in the Twelve Palaces were using to fool the people in the Lower Realm. The treasure they mentioned with their mouths was actually the Dark Emperor’s tomb and when they actually say they would share the exploits just made it sound like a bigger joke to Jun Wu Xie.

The Twelve Palaces had in order to fight for the Dark Emperor’s tomb, not even been willing to work with the other palaces. Among them, they held almost a complete set of the map but in seeking to hog the entire treasure to themselves, they had been willing to spent that much more time and expend that much more effort but just refused to gather themselves to work together.

If they really manage to locate the treasure, the first thing they would do would be to silence everyone else. There would be no chance of them really honouring their words to split the treasure with anyone.

Qu Xin Rui’s words were just so highly laughable to Jun Wu Xie and she really could not understand how so many powerful pugilists across the lands could be hoodwinked by such childish words of foolery from the Twelve Palaces, willing to sell their lives for the Twelve Palaces so foolishly?

They thought that they had stumbled upon a chance to gain unimaginable wealth and unparalleled power, not knowing in the end they would not even be alive.

In regards to the intelligence to those people, Jun Wu Xie really could not find the words to describe them.

“If it is about something like this, why would Miss Qu need me for? The might of the Thousand Beast City should be more than ample to deal with that wouldn’t it?” Jun Wu Xie replied, without giving any affirmative reply.

Qu Xin Rui would naturally not deride her own people and said: “The Thousand Beast City might be enough to complete the task, but woe befell me when I unintentionally saw little Young Master Jun’s portrait! Although little Young Master Jun is still rather young but your aura of eminence as a ruler was extraordinary which really moved my heart.”


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