GDBBM – Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050: “Cradle Snatcher (3)”

When Jun Wu Xie walked out from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers, there wasn’t a trace of an expression on her face. Her consciousness had seemed like it had been frozen and her gaze just stared straight ahead in front of her.

Little Black was a little panicked. It lifted its tiny paw and pawed at Jun Wu Xie’s hand.


[Mistress, what happened to you? Do not scare me like this!]

Jun Wu Xie did not reply and only hastened her steps and walked quickly towards the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall.

Inside the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Xiong Ba and Qing Yu were waiting for Jun Xie to return and when they finally saw Jun Xie coming in completely expressionless after having waited so long, they were all ready to ask Jun Xie what Qu Xin Rui had spoken to him about.

In the end, before they could even open their mouths, Jun Xie had been just like a gust of wind that whirled past them and then disappeared from before their eyes.

The two men were left standing at the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall’s main doors staring dumbly, completely flabbergasted.

“What is wrong with Jun Xie? He seemed to be acting a little strange.” Xiong Ba said still standing dumbly by the doors. Seeing Jun Xie acting like this, Xiong Ba was thinking that something bad must have happened. He had immediately wanted to immediately go after the youth in pursuit but was stopped by Qing Yu pulling him back.

“What?” Xiong Ba asked.

Qing Yu sighed and then said: “I think that Young Master Jun would not wish for anyone to go disturb him at this moment. Even if anything really happened, we should wait till….. later in the afternoon and see.”

Jun Xie always had a cold expression on her face, but today, Qing Yu had noticed that Jun Xie’s expression did not look right, thinking it was cold and rather frightening. Instinct told her that it was better not to go ask Jun Xie about it for the moment.

Xiong Ba contemplated on it for a while before he decided to listen to Qing Yu, while cursing at Qu Xin Rui another million times in his heart.

Jun Wu Xie walked back quickly into her room and slammed the door shut with a loud bang. Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit wobbled over to adorably ask for cuddles but were both completely ignored by Jun Wu Xie. She put the little black cat down at the side and turned to go into the washroom to scoop out a ladle of water from the wooden bucket, before pouring it into the wooden basin.

Jun Wu Xie applied some medicated water upon her face and changed back to her original looks. She immediately scooped out the icy cold water and splashed it upon her face. Spring had not yet broken and the weather was still cold. The water was like ice and its chill was bitingly cold. But Jun Wu Xie did not seem to take any notice of it and just continued to scoop up the water to scrub at her fair snowy white face.

The snowy white skin very quickly turned slightly red under the biting chill of the icy water, but Jun Wu Xie still did not seem to want to stop.

“Meh…..” Lord Meh Meh stared at the abnormal actions of its feedstress and it fell back a step in fear. Its sharp animal instinct had made it feel that Jun Wu Xie’s aura didn’t feel right.

Even the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit did not dare to kick up a fuss but just hugged its big floppy ears and stood there looking up at Jun Wu Xie.

The little black cat gritted its teeth and with a swoosh, leapt onto the shelf beside Jun Wu Xie.

“You cannot continue to wash yourself like this.” The little black cat called out anxiously. The water was too cold and if Jun Wu Xie continued on like this, her face would really get frostbitten.

Jun Wu Xie stared completely unaware at the wooden basin in front of her, the action of her hands still not stopping in the slightest.

The only emotion she was feeling at that moment was disgust.

So disgusted was she that she wished fervently she could peel her entire face off to wash it thoroughly.

The little black cat’s incessant pleas were of no use and it could do nothing but groan anxiously at the side.

It knew Jun Wu Xie’s personality better than anyone else. She had always hated to have any physical contact with other people the most and needless to say when she was thoroughly kissed by such a loathsome and disgusting old witch! Jun Wu Xie who had always been almost freakishly obsessed with cleanliness must really be on the very verge of going mad at this moment!

“Little Xie, didn’t you promise me that you would take good care of yourself?”

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