GDBBM – Chapter 1040

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Chapter 1040: “Suffer Your Own Consequences (4)”

[The Fire Country’s Emperor! ?]

Fallen upon the ground, Lin Feng stared incredulously at Jun Xie.

Jun Wu Xie remained calmly seated in her seat and her face did not show any sign of surprise. But upon the faces of even Xiong Ba and Qing Yu who had come here together with Jun Xie from the Fire Country had eyes that were suddenly filled with utter shock!

[Jun Xie was actually the Fire Country’s Emperor! ? How was that possible? When they had returned here together with Jun Xie, they had not heard of any such rumours at all!]

Jun Wu Xie was calm on the surface, but she was deeply puzzled in her heart. She knew it better than anyone that she had not accepted Lei Chen’s request and had definitely not accepted the Fire Country’s throne of the Emperor. But the way Qu Xin Rui had put it, it sounded like it was a confirmed fact.

If that was really true, then the reason that Qu Xin Rui was trying so hard to win her favour had just been found.

Jun Wu Xie did not know how she had become the Emperor of the Fire Country, but with that added identity, that had drawn a lot of attention from Qu Xin Rui to her. The prior incident with the Devious Wyvern must have been because of her newfound identity that had absolved her of guilt and Qu Xin Rui’s repeated displays of goodwill today was not just to win her over, but was targeted at the Fire Country behind her.

Jun Wu Xie found all of this highly laughable. But with the way matters stood, it was a good thing that Qu Xin Rui had misunderstood and Jun Wu Xie could not be bothered to explain it to her.

Lin Feng entire body had been in unbearable pain, but when his ears heard those words, all that pain seemed to be forgotten at that moment as he stared blankly at his father, and everything dawned upon him then.

Why Qu Xin Rui had not pursued the matter about losing the Devious Wyvern and why Lin Que had not mentioned a single word about Jun Xie after he returned from the Heavenly Cloud Chambers. Lin Feng realised that his father must have found out about Jun Xie’s identity and did not dare make any more moves against the youth. But as Lin Feng had been grounded all this time in reflection, Lin Que had not had the chance to tell him about Jun Xie’s real identity.

And as if by impossible cosmic chance, that chain of events had led to things suddenly falling into the current irreparable state.

Who could have thought, that the Emperor of the mightiest country throughout the lands would suddenly become the youth right before his eyes now?

Even Qu Wen Hao was wided eyed with shock, as he had not heard a single word of anything like this from Qu Ling Yue at all.

“Incomparable, in no way could they compare. My young son has been foolish and your subordinate would bring him back and discipline him most strictly, and would never allow any such incidents to happen again.” Lin Que promised, his current state of mind unable to concern himself with Jun Xie, but only to plead for mercy, asking for Qu Xin Rui to spare Lin Feng.


Qu Xin Rui was never a kind hearted soul of any kind.

“Bring back to discipline? This is not the first time I am hearing such words. The fact is that Lin Feng dared to kick up such an unreasonable fuss today, which causing alarm to my esteemed guest. If you think that can really be wiped off that easily, I’m afraid that will not work for me.” Qu Xin Rui said, her eyes narrowing up. She clapped her hands together and a man came up from downstairs immediately.

When Lin Que saw that man, his face immediately turned white with fright. That man had come to the Thousand Beast City together with Qu Xin Rui and he also held powers of the Purple Spirit. In the Thousand Beast City, this man was always the one who dealt with those people who were “disobedient” to Qu Xin Rui.

Seeing that man appear, Lin Que immediately almost lost his mind.

“I beg Great Aunt to spare Lin Feng just this once! He will never ever dare do it again!” Lin Que hurriedly kowtowed, hitting his head hard upon the ground. Even with the fox skins laid upon the ground, he had knocked his head hard enough to open up a bloody wound on his head.

But Qu Xin Rui completely ignored Lin Que.

“Drag this incorrigible one away from here and teach him a proper lesson. Since Lin Que is unable to discipline his son properly, then let me do it for him.”

Before Lin Feng even regained his senses, he was already picked up by that man with a single grab of his hand!

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