GDBBM – Chapter 1039

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Chapter 1039: “Suffer Your Own Consequences (3)”

“Drunken words?” Qu Xin Rui sneered: “It is said that the one speaks the truth when drunk, and those words must have been suppressed within his mind for a long time.”

“I do not dare…..” Lin Que knelt on the floor, a trembling mass. Qu Xin Rui was really angry this time.

“Lin Que, aren’t you thinking the same thing in your heart?” Qu Xin Rui said with a completely mirthless smile.

Lin Que immediately kowtowed, hitting his head upon the ground: “Your subordinate wouldn’t dare! Why would your subordinate think in that way? Your subordinate is absolutely loyal to Great Aunt and has never once dared to entertain any thoughts otherwise.”

“Hmph.” Qu Xin Rui wasn’t about to believe a single word of what Lin Que was saying.

“Do not dare? What is there that you wouldn’t dare do?”

Lin Que was greatly startled and he continued to hit his head on the ground, reiterating his unwavering loyalty, but it was of no use at all.

On the other hand, Lin Feng on the side had suddenly jumped in shock at Qu Xin Rui’s rage and was looking dazed in his spot, the bright red flush gradually fading from his face when his complexion immediately went white as a ghost.

[What had he said just now?]

Lin Feng absolutely could not believe all that he had just said to Qu Xin Rui. Those thoughts had indeed gone through his mind before but he had only dared to grumble to himself in his heart about it and had he had never dared to utter a single word of it out. But for some reason just now, he had suddenly felt a ball of fire burning in his heart, which had forced him to blurt out all of those words in his heart, and it was only after Qu Xin Rui had lost her temper that that evil fire had quietly disappeared.

Having somewhat calmed down, Lin Feng fell kneeling onto the ground with a loud thud and shaking like a willow in the wind.

“Great Aunt….. Great Aunt….. I did not mean what I said, that’s not what I meant…..” Lin Feng was shivering on the ground, not a single trace of colour left on his face.

“Not what you meant? What did you mean then?” Qu Xin Rui sneered. “Having both you and your father to work for me must have really been hard on you!”

“No! It’s not like that at all!” Lin Feng quickly shook his head. Qu Xin Rui’s look on her face was making him break out in a cold sweat and never in his dream would he have thought that he would ever have spoken his grievances aloud.

“It’s not? Ha.” Qu Xin Rui stepped out slowly and came to stand before Lin Feng.

Lin Feng did not even dare to raise his head and could only continue to tremble as he stared at Qu Xin Rui’s feet.

Qu Xin Rui suddenly raised a foot and kicked Lin Feng to fly up into the air!

A kick from an incredibly powerful Purple Spirit was not what Lin Feng was able to take. The instant that he was sent flying and landed on the ground, Lin Feng threw up a mouthful of blood which spurted upon the ground, his bright red blood creating an extremely garish contrast against the pure white fox skin rugs on the ground.

“What are you to me? You dare to talk to me in such a manner? So what if your father is one of the Clan Chief of the Thousand Beast City? He’s just a dog I keep by my side. When I want him to live, he lives. If I want him dead, he will have to die. Before me, you are not even in a position to speak!” Qu Xin Rui said, glaring at Lin Feng who was lying upon the ground and vomiting out blood continuously, not a single sliver of sympathy in her eyes.

Before this, on account of Lin Que, she had already relented and not pursued the matter about the Devious Wyvern with Lin Feng, but Lin Feng had even climbed up over her head and snubbed her during her birthday banquet, how could she possibly tolerate that?

“Great Aunt, Great Aunt have mercy….. Lin Feng….. Lin Feng didn’t mean it at all.” When he saw the pitiful sight of his son fallen upon the ground, Lin Que’s heart hurt so much he almost died, but he did not dare to go help his son up before Qu Xin Rui.

“Did not mean it? Lin Que, I gave you a chance, to let you watch your son carefully, but how did you handle it? Jun Xie is an esteemed guest I invited and your son dared to smear and slander my guest like this. Does he really think that his position as a mere insignificant Young Clan Chief is comparable in any way to Jun Xie as the Emperor of the Fire Country?” Qu Xin Rui said with a sneer filled with disdain.


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