GDBBM – Chapter 1041

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Chapter 1041: “Suffer Your Own Consequences (5)”

“Great Aunt!” Immediately upon seeing Lin Feng being grabbed, Lin Que’s heart jumped.

“You have an opinion?” Qu Xin Rui smiled coldly at Lin Que.

Lin Que froze in place, his mouth agape and his shivering continued unabated, as a faint chattering sound could be heard coming out from between his teeth. He slunk down to the ground in obeisance, not daring to utter another word.

“Great Aunt have mercy! I have realised my mistake! I have really realised my mistake!” Having been grabbed and picked up, Lin Feng did not have the mind to worry about the pain that was wrecking at his body at that moment. Upon hearing that Qu Xin Rui wanted him to be disciplined, he knew that he was in really big trouble this time and there was nothing he could not do but to beg and plead loudly.

“Father! Save me….. save me…..” Lin Feng’s voice was sounding highly terrified.

[He had done wrong, he realised that he had really gotten it all wrong this time. He had never ever thought that Jun Xie could be the Fire Country’s Emperor. If he had known, he would have immediately understood Qu Xin Rui’s intentions for trying to win Jun Xie’s favour, and he wouldn’t have dared to be so discourteous to Jun Xie in the first place.]

But Lin Feng himself did not know why he had been unable to hold himself back at all earlier, that had made him utter such self damning words.

A pity Qu Xin Rui did not care, and Lin Que did not dare to care.

Lin Feng was dragged downstairs by that man and when his figure disappeared down the stairs, his screams still reverberated within the banquet.

Qu Xin Rui slowly leaned back upon the long lounge, resting her head upon her hand as she looked at Lin Que kneeling upon the ground and said: “I’ll discipline him here for a few days and send him back to you after that. You can get up now.”

Lin Que was silent for a moment before he stammered: “I thank Great Aunt for your concern.”

He got up and went back quietly to his seat, where he did not say another word after that.

On the rug, the bloodstain thrown up by Lin Feng was still a bright red grisly shade, mixing the stench of blood with the sickly sweet scent that hung heavily in the room.

The sound of the zither then played, as if nothing has happened.

A smile came back onto Qu Xin Rui’s face as she turned to Jun Xie at her side. “Little Young Master Jun, do not pay any mind to it. Let me offer you a toast.”

Jun Wu Xie raised her cup expressionlessly, accepting the toast from Qu Xin Rui.

“Do not let such ignorant people spoil the mood. Regarding what I have said earlier to little Young Master Jun, I wish that little Young Master Jun will consider it seriously. If you are willing to cooperate, whether to you and me, or to the Fire Country behind you, it will only be highly beneficial to all. Afterall, currently throughout the world, there isn’t a ruler anywhere that possesses the power of the Purple Spirit.” Qu Xin Rui went on to say, as if she had completely forgotten everything about the incident with Lin Feng, her smile blooming like a flower.

Jun Wu Xie did not know from where Qu Xin Rui found out that she was the Fire Country’s Emperor, but she was not about to explain the details to her. Since Qu Xin Rui asked her to consider it, she would then consider it “slowly”.

“I will definitely deliberate on it seriously.”

Qu Xin Rui smiled. She did not believe that any man throughout this land would not be looking forward to gaining the magnificent powers of the Purple Spirit.

Even as a ruling Emperor, one would still be worried about ageing and the finality of death.

Qu Xin Rui lifted up her wine cup and was about to drink up when she spotted the skin on her own wrist. The expression on her face immediately twisted up.

A loud sharp crash sounded!

Everyone looked up in shock.

Qu Xin Rui had smashed the wine cup she held in her hand upon the floor in resentment, her alluring countenance faintly showing traces of rage.

“Today’s banquet ends here and all the guests may now depart!” Qu Xin Rui’s face was dark as she held her wrist and suddenly turned around, walking towards the back of the main hall.

The birthday banquet had ended suddenly and the guests were surprised by the sudden turn of events. But as Qu Xin Rui had issued the eviction order, none of them dared to remain there a moment longer as they all shuffled out of the place obediently, except for Lin Feng, whom would not be making it back home that night.

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