GDBBM – Chapter 1038

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Chapter 1038: “Suffer Your Own Consequences (2)”

The Fiery Blaze Clan and the Icy Frost Clan had always been at loggerheads and Qing Yu had also received the hidden signal from Jun Xie which just further encouraged him to add fuel to the fire.

When Lin Que found himself retorted by Qing Yu in that manner, he almost choked to death on the rage that surged up within.

Lin Feng on the other hand, still did not seem to be holding back in the slightest despite his father’s display of infuriated rage as he struggled to stand up from where he fell, his face flushed a deep red, looking highly aggrieved.

“Father! I am not drunk! And isn’t everything I said the truth? Who does Jun Xie think he is? How is he even qualified to cooperate with Great Aunt? You’ve bent over backwards and spared no effort to serve Great Aunt for so long and obeyed Great Aunt’s every single order. What have you gotten in the end? Now Great Aunt actually wants to gift the Purple Spirit that everyone couldn’t even dare dream of to that little bastard! Based on what? All of it should be given to you instead!”

Lin Feng’s words made Lin Que’s heart almost jump out of him. It had been bad enough when he had only just berated Jun Xie in his earlier tirade, but his words just now had even included Qu Xin Rui in his admonishment!

[How was he going to fix this now?]

Lin Que immediately knelt down before Qu Xin Rui, shaking like a leaf in the wind.

“Great Aunt knows it clearly! Your subordinate has never harboured such ambitions. My young son’s words are spoken out of a drunken stupor and must not be taken seriously. To have been able to serve Great Aunt is already my greatest fortune derived from the good I have done in my past life, and I am already eternally grateful for it. I wouldn’t dare be so audacious to think of anything beyond unconditional servitude.”

Qu Xin Rui’s expression was so ominously dark then that it seemed like it was almost dripping off her face. The entire banquet fell deathly silent and no one else dared say a single word.

“Father! Are you telling me what I said is not true? For so many years, how many things have you done for Great Aunt? It’s fine even if Great Aunt doesn’t reward you for all of that but when she is even being so cordial to a kid from outside, where does that leave you?” Lin Feng still refused to give up.

Lin Que wished so hard he could just seal his son’s mouth at that moment.

“Unfilial child! Aren’t you going to shut up! ? Before our Great Aunt, such audacity shall not be allowed! Who do you think you are, to dare to speak to our Great Aunt in such a manner? Quickly kneel down and beg for forgiveness!”

“I did nothing wrong! Why must I shut up! ? Isn’t everything I said the truth? Among all the trips made to the Heaven’s End Cliff, which one wasn’t by carried out by you, Father, through your efforts? The Grand Chieftain was unwilling and it was you alone who gathered the teams! How many people have died at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff? How badly have you been cursed by everyone in the Thousand Beast City? Having spared no effort with all your heart, is all of that still not enough?” Lin Feng’s chest was filled with inconsolable angst and rage, and all his negative feelings surged out like floodwaters, unstoppable.

Lin Que was so absolutely terrified he remained kneeling in his spot, not even daring to look up. He did not dare to even look at the look on Qu Xin Rui’s face at that moment.

Ominous dark clouds had formed in between Qu Xin Rui’s brows as she turned to gaze darkly at Lin Feng to say: “What Lin Feng is saying is telling me that I was the cause that Lin Que had to suffer all those curses?”

Lin Que was shaking even more badly.

Lin Feng did not seem to notice any of it as he replied: “Father was just carrying out the tasks for our Great Aunt and it should be nothing to us having to suffer those curses and admonishments. But who does this little kid think he is? Why should Great Aunt treat him so nicely?”

A loud crash sounded!

Qu Xin Rui slapped a palm down and smashed the long table before her, as she suddenly stood up from the long lounge chair.

“Lin Feng! You are becoming more and more audacious!”

Qu Xin Rui was enraged. She had still not settled the scores with him for having lost the Devious Wyvern and now he dared to criticise her methods in such a manner before so many people! Where was she going to place her face after this?

“Quell your anger Great Aunt! Don’t be angry! My son is drunk, he’s drunk and words spoken in a drunken stupor should not be believed, not to be believed.” Lin Que heart was filled with shock as he frantically pleaded in tears for Lin Feng to be spared.

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