GDBBM – Chapter 1037

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Chapter 1037: “Suffer Your Own Consequences (1)”

Qu Wen Hao was helplessly nervous. And when Lin Feng heard those words spoken, his eyes widened up, filled with pure disbelief.

[Qu Xin Rui was even willing to use the Purple Spirit in exchange for Jun Xie’s help?] [Why?] [Even if Jun Xie had a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, that was still no reason for Qu Xin Rui to think so highly of that brat!]

Lin Feng suddenly felt that it was all so unfair. His father had tried so hard to please Qu Xin Rui but he had gotten nothing in return. But Jun Xie here had caused Qu Xin Rui to lose the Devious Wyvern and was not even subservient to Qu Xin Rui. So, based on what was Jun Xie entitled to have all these good things happen to him?

Lin Feng suddenly felt his blood within himself surge and all the unfair treatment his heart had had to endure was growing furiously, fanned by a fiery fire that had appeared in his heart, all the rage and jealousy that he had been trying so hard to suppress exploded.

Before Jun Xie could open his mouth to reply, Ling Feng stood up suddenly. His face was flushed fiery red, looking like he had gotten himself drunk.

“Great Aunt! Jun Xie is merely a kid who came from outside our city. What make him qualified enough to cooperate with our Thousand Beast City? He merely possesses a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast but so what? If Great Aunt wants it, I can kill him anytime and deliver the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast right before you!” Lin Feng blurted out in sudden rage!

Lin Feng’s words threw the entire banquet into silence in an instant. All the favoured men at the side who were playing music stared in horror as they looked at Lin Feng who had the audacity to spout such nonsense spuriously right before Qu Xin Rui.

Lin Que immediately saw that the situation was dire and the smile had completely disappeared from Qu Xin Rui’s face. He hurriedly reached out his hand to stop Lin Feng but Lin Feng flung his father’s hand away!

Jun Wu Xie’s body leaned back slightly as she toyed with the wine cup in her hand, and her eyes glinted with an icy chill as she stared at Lin Feng “explode”.

Lin Feng seemed to have lost all control of his rage as he pointed at Jun Xie and said to Qu Xin Rui: “Great Aunt, what’s so good about this person? He is just milking the one fact that he possesses a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. If Great Aunt wishes to have that Spirit Beast, I can help you get it! Once Jun Xie dies, everything will no longer be a problem. Besides the fact that he has that Spirit Beast, does he have any other desirable traits?”

“You shut that mouth!” Seeing that rage was already showing on Qu Xin Rui’s face, Lin Que’s heart was shivering with fright. He shot up to stand with a swoosh and slapped his own son across the face, hitting Lin Feng who was jabbering incessantly right onto the ground.

“May Great Aunt forgive him! My useless son has had too much too drink and he blurted out that nonsense unintentionally. I beg that Great Aunt would not take it to heart, and forgive him on account that he is just a child.” Lin Que quickly pleaded for mercy fearfully.

The darkened expression on Qu Xin Rui’s face did not improve in the slightest.

Qing Yu who was watching from the side was shocked beyond words. Although Lin Feng personality was rather arrogant and self conceited, but he had always at least known how to act appropriately when in front of Qu Xin Rui. But just what had gotten into him today that made him suddenly turn into a runaway wild stallion that went out of control, all semblance of calm and restraint seemingly disappeared into thin air, seeking to stare death in the face!

Qing Yu’s gaze had somehow subconsciously drifted over to look at Jun Xie. When he saw Jun Xie giving him a meaningful glance, Qing Yu’s heart jumped in surprise and he immediately pushed away the doubts he had in his mind to quickly say: “What Clan Chief Lin is saying is rather interesting I might note. I had not seen the Young Chief drink more than a few cups tonight, has he always been unable to hold his liquor this badly? As for being a child….. Clan Chief Lin must really be joking about that. Lin Feng is already set to undergo his coming of age ceremony into adulthood very soon and if at this age he is still considered a child, what would that make little Young Master Jun then? A toddler?”

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