GDBBM – Chapter 1032

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Chapter 1032: “Birthday Banquet (7)”

Jun Wu Xie did not decline but walked over on her own and sat down at the low table beside Qu Xin Rui. All the favoured men serving Qu Xin Rui cast Jun Xie a look, their eyes filled with disdain.

Seeing Jun Xie sitting down at the table, Qu Xin Rui then turned her attention to the group of men still kneeling upon the ground.

“All of you rise.” She said lazily.

Qu Wen Hao and the rest of them finally got up, and found themselves places to sit down at.

Lin Feng stared at Jun Xie. He had thought that Qu Xin Rui would throw a fit at the youth impudence and had not expected for Jun Xie to be treated so cordially, to even be granted a seat right beside Qu Xin Rui.

It must be known, that that seat had never been occupied by Qu Wen Hao, but was always taken by Lin Que, his father. The treatment that Jun Xie had been showered with was equivalent to Jun Xie having usurped his father’s position.

Lin Feng still could not understand after thinking it through, not understanding why Qu Xin Rui had suddenly become so forgiving. His father had told him that he was coming here to see Qu Xin Rui to pin all the blame for the incident with the Devious Wyvern upon Jun Xie’s head. But when Lin Que returned home, he had only continued to ground him and asked him to reflect on his own actions, refusing to mention another word about it. Lin Feng had assumed that Qu Xin Rui had dealt with Jun Xie at that time but when he saw Jun Xie appear at the banquet today, he realised he had been mistaken.

The fact that Qu Xin Rui had not pursued the matter for the loss with him, he could still attribute it to his father’s favoured position with Qu Xin Rui, which had persuaded Qu Xin Rui to spare him in leniency. But who does Jun Xie think he is? On what basis should the tyrannical Qu Xin Rui let that nobody off that easily? To the extent that she was even being so cordial to Jun Xie today?

Unwilling to accept that Jun Xie had stolen all the limelight, Lin Feng immediately stood up. He lifted his wine glass and said to Qu Xin Rui: “Greetings to the Great Aunt, Lin Feng would like to convey well wishes to the Great Aunt on her birthday, wishing Great Aunt fortune, longevity and good health every single year.”

Qu Xin Rui’s attention was fixed on Jun Xie and with the sudden toast from Lin Feng, she snapped back to her senses.

Lin Feng possessed rather outstanding looks and Qu Xin Rui always had a weakness towards good looking men, which made her a little more accommodating towards Lin Feng.

“Little Feng grew a little taller this year, and you are looking more and more outstanding. That little mouth of yours seems as if it had been smeared with honey.” Qu Xin Rui said with a smile.

Lin Feng was secretly gladdened in his heart and he downed the glass of wine in one gulp.

Qu Xin Rui drank a cup as well but upon putting her wine cup down, her gaze went back to looking at Jun Xie.

“I heard that Young Master Jun has a Spirit Beast, and it is a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that is rare to see even in a hundred years. That is really impressive, so why did our little Young Master Jun not bring it here today?”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “That beast is too rowdy.”

Qu Xin Rui laughed. “It might be a little too rowdy indeed. I previously heard that little Young Master Jun had brought that Spirit Beast to the Spirit Beast Arena and created quite a stir. But Guardian Grade Spirit Beasts are all proud magnificent beasts impossible to harness and the fact that little Young Master Jun is able to tame it is an extraordinary feat by itself. All below the Guardian Grade are useless and it’s such a pity for that Devious Wyvern of mine. I had actually other uses for it and I did not think that it would be brought to the Spirit Beast Arena, where it ended up being swallowed up by your own Spirit Beast entirely, without even leaving any of its bones behind.”

Qu Xin Rui looked mournfully at Jun Xie and although her real age was already over a century, but as her looks were still gorgeous and youthful, her mannerisms were highly alluring. It was a little more genteel than younger looking girls, and those eyes slightly lifted at the corners moving together with the movement of her irises, was a gaze that seemingly would be able to ensnare a man.

Instead, Jun Wu Xie just said: “I just got to this place and I did not know that the Devious Wyvern belonged to Miss Qu. I only saw that it was brought in by a young youth who came up to challenge me and I just accepted it.”

Lin Feng had not thought that Qu Xin Rui would bring up the topic about the Devious Wyvern at that moment and when he heard Jun Xie answer the way he did, his heart suddenly sank.

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