GDBBM – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: “Peerless Medicine (2)”

Jun Wu Xie looked at the two of them inquiringly, “Uncle, Grandfather, haven’t you been taking them everyday?”

“………… “ Both father and son widened their eyes in surprise.

Jun Wu Xie prepares their daily meals with herbs, and sends them various medicine to condition their bodies. Their bodies were not as weak as before, but with the extravagant variety they had been enjoying, the changes were too myriad, and they did not realize the improvements to their health and bodies, that enabled training and development by leaps and bounds.

As it was common knowledge that development of veins and arteries stop once they turn into adults, they did not for a moment think it was due to their food and medicine that changed that, and gave them such astonishing results from their daily training.

This was just….. unbelievable.

“Wu Xie, what we have been eating….. really….. “ Jun Qing was at a loss for words. He had not noticed, but as Jun Wu Xie had pointed out, he realised his veins and arteries were much stronger.

Jun Wu Xie was telling the truth!

“The Rui Lin Army is too big, so I can only manage to give them pills.” Jun Wu Xie would have liked to feed them medicinal meals as well, it would have been less harsh to their bodies, but for a hundred thousand….. , they couldn’t afford it even if they sold the entire Lin Palace.

“………. “ Jun Xian felt his heart beating faster.

“These pills are really what you claim them to be?” Jun Qing asked, his eyes lit aflame with fervour, not many things can move this father and son to such an extend!

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

They both exchanged troubled glances.

“Wu Xie, your master taught you this?” Jun Xian asked sternly.


“Your teacher has exceptional medical knowledge, the things you have learnt are unheard of, and the Jun Family owes him a great debt of gratitude. But if news of this were to leak, it will stir up quite a storm. The Lin Palace might be able to hold his own in the Kingdom of Qi, but if the news spread beyond, not just the people of Qi, the other kingdoms will not sit idly by.” Jun Xian was unusually stern, Jun Wu Xie’s skill and knowledge was both a blessing and a curse.

Qing Yun Clan won its reputation throughout the kingdoms, not with might, but with medicine. They had the best doctors under the skies. Even the mightiest of powers, pay some form of deference to Qing Yun Clan, for their well known prowess in medicine.

What Jun Wu Xie has been producing, was far beyond the capabilities of the Qing Yun Clan. Just like this fortification medicine, that develops the veins and arteries of adults, were simply unheard of.

All this while, it was known the window to develop veins and arteries was such. Everyone strengthened and developed their veins and arteries before adulthood, and had no choice but trained slowly and fixedly after turning adult.

If it was known, there existed a pill, that allowed adults to develop their veins and arteries, it will surely be earth shattering!

If it was leaked, the lands will be in upheaval, Lin Palace might be strong within Qi, but if it attracted the eye of other kingdoms and powers, even they might be unable to protect Jun Wu Xie.

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  1. fan63 says:

    Wu Xie’s brilliance could light up the world in a pool of blood that no one could protect her from.Uncle Qing and Grandpa Xian were really concerned for her safety.

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