GDBBM – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: “Peerless Medicine (3)”

Despite the might of Lin Palace, they cannot match up to Qing Yun Clan. This medicine of Jun Wu Xie’s, was a double edged sword!

“Besides your master, does anyone else know you can produce this medicine?” Jun Xian asked gravely.

Jun Wu Xie, looked at the three men in the room, answering wordlessly.

“Long Qi! “ Jun Qing exclaimed.

Long Qi abruptly kneeled on one knee, “Your subordinate has neither seen or heard anything today.” A single bead of perspiration ran down the side of his face. The Young Miss might not have realised that with the medicine left outside, the kind of commotion it could cause.

“You have been with us from young, I trust you. Remember, bring whatever you heard in this room today to your grave, and not a single word about it is to be uttered, or it will spell the doom of the Jun Family!”

“Yes, I understand.”

Jun Wu Xie was puzzled at the caution the three men are showing to the matter.

This medicine….. Was it such a big deal?

She has plans for medicine with effects more heavenly defying, but was not possible due to insufficient herbs. Why is Uncle and Grandfather so serious about these measly pills?

“Wu Xie, your master must be mighty and mysterious, to be unworried about medical prowess like his being known. As for you, Grandfather knows, you have the interests of Lin Palace at heart, but your knowledge to produce these pills must be kept secret. The recipe, must not be made known to other than you and your master, do you understand?” Jun Xian spoke in rare seriousness to Jun Wu Xie.

“Wu Xie understands.”  Although bewildered at the anxiety of both father and son, Jun Wu Xie readily agreed.

“As for those pills, are we sending them to the barracks?” Jun Qing asked, brows creased.

“Yes, send them. I believe not a single soldier in the Rui Lin Army will betray the Jun Family even when faced with death.” Jun Xian had absolute trust in the Rui Lin Army, and turning to Long Qi, “I shall leave it in your hands. Do not tell the Rui Lin Army anything about the medicine, and just to eat them as prescribed. Tell them to not question nor discuss any effects the medicine might bring. Not a single word to any outside the Rui Lin Army, and to forget they ever took any medicine at all.”

“Rest assured, Your Highness! Your orders shall be carried out.” Long Qi vowed, his heart burning with fervor. Raising his eyes, his keen sight locked on the profile of Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie, shall become the leader whom the Rui Lin Army will die for, and that will not change!

Due to the significance of the cargo, Jun Xian ordered the majority of the guards at Lin Palace as escort with Long Qi. The carriages filled with crates of pills left the Imperial City after dark, with none the wiser, the nondescript horse carriages were carrying, pills that can cause vast upheaval throughout the lands!

That night, was the night the Rui Lin Army was transformed.

Deep into the night, the Jun Family of three chatted under candlelight, Jun Wu Xie just listening quietly most of the time.

“Wu Xie, if you are sleepy, just go rest.” Jun Xian coaxed, thinking the toil the hundred thousand doses of medicine must have taken on Jun Wu Xie, and seeing the dark rings forming under her eyes.

“Yes, Grandfather.” Jun Wu Xie got up, knowing there are things Jun Xian and Jun Qing did not want to discuss in front of her as she carried the little black cat and left the room.


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