GDBBM – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: “Peerless Medicine (1)”

The peaceful and tranquil Imperial City was in for a big storm ahead.

Finally all the fortification medicinal pills were ready as Jun Wu Xie instructed the crates to be brought over to Jun Qing.

Before leaving, she went to the lotus pond as she looked at the beautiful pink lotus flowers floating on the quiet surface. Her gaze softened as she looked at the pristine white lotus floating amongst them.

“Mistress~”. The little lotus transformed back into its human form and splashed about as he swam back to the edge of the pond. Little lotus used all his might as his little arms clung onto the pebbled edge of the pond. He took a moment to catch his breath as he looked at Jun Wu Xie with his bright eyes as he laughed happily.

“How is everything? How do you feel?” Jun Wu Xie asked the gleeing Little Lotus.

“It’s really good with the Embellished Wood Bead! I’ve used it to purify the energy here and my cultivation speed is exactly the same as it was back in the Spiritual World. Little Lotus beamed at her as he laughed on.

Jun Wu Xie nodded, no matter if it was her or Little Lotus cultivating in secret, although their progress was slow, it would be useful one day.

“Continue with your cultivation, I’m heading over to see Uncle now.” Once Jun Wu Xie left the courtyard, Little Lotus turned back into a white lotus and floated amongst the pink lotuses around as it quietly continued on its cultivation.

As soon as she reached Jun Qing’s courtyard, it was full of crates she had sent over. Once the servants saw her, they immediately greeted her and gave her a helpless look.

“Miss, Master and Second Master are in the midst of a discussion, we dare not disturb them… These crates..” One servant cautiously informed her.

Jun Wu Xie immediately went to the door and knocked.

“Who is it?” Jun Xian’s voice came from within.

“Grandfather, it’s me.” Jun Wu Xie replied.

A moment later, the door opened as Jun Xian smiled happily at Jun Wu Xie, he was momentarily startled when he saw the crates behind her.

“These are for Uncle.”

“You little girl, only think about your Uncle, anything good always comes through here first, I also remembered that you’ve recently  given him some good wine as well. How about your dear Grandfather?” He pretended to be angry as he looked at her lovingly.

Jun Wu Xie blinked, “Grandfather, if you like that wine, I can…”

“Such a silly child…I’m only teasing you, how can you take it so seriously?” After which he pulled her into the study.

Jun Wu Xie was still confused as she watched her Grandfather smiling at her and nodding, actions which were incomprehensible to her.

Grandfather did not want wine?

“Have a seat first.” Jun Xian gestured to the nearest chair.

Jun Wu Xie obediently sat down.

“Well, it’s time to tell us, what’s with those boxes? What’s precious items do you have for your Uncle?” Jun Xian laughed heartily as his heart was feeling extremely happy that his granddaughter had finally passed the trouble making phase.

“It’s not for Uncle, it’s for the Rui Lin Army.” She replied.

In the room, Jun Xian and Jun Qing’s smile froze while Long Qi’s eyes widened in surprise.

“Wu Xie, what did you say? For Rui Lin Army? What do you mean?” Jun Xian asked, with a slight tremble in his voice.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the reaction of Jun Xian and Jun Qing and slowly explained, “I’ve refined some fortification medicine this time round to improve their veins and arteries. These are especially useful to improve the cultivation in adults.”

“……………………..” Jun Xian and Jun Qing stared at her in disbelief.

Adults can further improve their vein and arteries?

How can this be!

“Wu Xie, is it true? These are really capable of doing that?!” Jun Qing’s voice was trembling with excitement.

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