GDBBM – Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028: “Birthday Banquet (3)”

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes up to look at Qu Wen Hao. Qu Wen Hao’s expression was composed and he exuded the amiable air of a senior, looking just like he was politely asking after a junior with no other implied meaning.

“Jun Xie is humbled, greetings to the Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City.” Jun Wu Xie greeted.

Qu Wen Hao then said with a smile: “There’s no need for such formalities. I had heard from Ling Yue how well you’ve taken care of her back in the Fire Country and had even saved my little daughter’s life. I had been really too busy lately though I had always wanted to go thank you but did not manage to find an opportunity, and could only let these two gentlemen from the Fiery Blaze Clan receive you as our esteemed guest. I hope Young Master Jun does not take offense.”

“The Grand Chieftain is too kind.” Jun Xie and Qu Wen Hao were smooth in their questions and answers to each other and the conversation between them did not sound strange at all. Nobody would have suspected that Jun Xie and Qu Wen Hao had already agreed to cooperate and work together through Qu Ling Yue.

“Gratitude that has been long overdue must still be said.” Qu Wen Hao said with a laugh as he pulled Qu Ling Yue who was hiding behind him to stand before Jun Xie and said: “Ling Yue, aren’t you going to thank Young Master Jun properly?”

Qu Ling Yue’s heart had been thumping so loudly and jumping all over the place the very moment she had spotted Jun Xie earlier and she already did not have the courage to look at him again. And now, having been dragged out by her own father so suddenly and placed in such close distance from Jun Xie, so close that it seemed like she could almost smell the faint fragrance of herbs emanating from Jun Xie.

That scent was not the sickly sweetness of flowers, but a fragrance that initially smelled bitter, but would soon make one feel the smell calms a person down.

But that was a calm, that Qu Ling Yue would not be able to experience.

Suddenly being so close to Jun Xie, Qu Ling Yue had almost unconsciously raised her head. When she found herself suddenly looking into Jun Xie’s cold clear eyes, her face turned an even brighter red, her fingers that were clasped tightly together before her twisting up the handkerchief in her hand nervously.

Her almond shaped eyes widened, reflecting the light from the bright lanterns in a shimmer.

“Young….. Young…..” Staring at the delicately featured face so close to her, Qu Ling Yue suddenly felt that that face was more attractive than most good looking man under the Heavens by a hundred times. She felt as if the cat had gotten her tongue and she could not speak coherently at all.

Jun Wu Xie’s head tilted as she looked at the red faced and highly nervous Qu Ling Yue, feeling rather puzzled in her mind. Ever since Qu Ling Yue had left from her room that day, she thought that Qu Ling Yue had been acting rather strange. And now that she was seeing her again after a few days, Qu Ling Yue’s “condition” seemed to have worsened.

Being stared at by Jun Xie like this, Qu Ling Yue was so nervous she was about to cry. She quickly lowered her head into her shoulders and closed her eyes, hurriedly bowing at the waist to express her gratitude towards Jun Xie.


A loud thud sounded!

Qu Ling Yue’s highly flustered bow with her eyes squeezed shut, had sent her head crashing straight onto Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder, and a dull thud was heard.

Qu Ling Yue was suddenly feeling dizzy as she saw stars before her eyes, but Jun Wu Xie on the other hand, was perfectly alright.

With Qu Ling Yue’s spirit power level, crashing into Jun Wu Xie who was almost breaking into blue, would not have much of an effect on Jun Wu Xie, but to Qu Ling Yue, that had been quite a hard hit.

Seeing that Qu Ling Yue was holding her forehead and was about to fall backwards, Jun Wu Xie reflexively stretched out her hand, and caught Qu Ling Yue by the waist, pulling her back up to stand.

Rushing forward intending to hold up his own daughter who was tilting back, Qu Wen Hao was suddenly stunned, as he stared blankly at Jun Xie “embracing” Qu Ling Yue in his arm, and his face stiffened for an instant.

And secretly watching Qu Ling Yue and Jun Xie from a distance, Lin Feng had upon seeing that scene, clenched his fists hidden within his sleeves so hard they were making crackling noises, wishing in his heart that he could fly over that distance, and slice off that arm of Jun Xie’s looped around Qu Ling Yue!


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