GDBBM – Chapter 1010

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Chapter 1010: “Missing Someone is a Form of Sickness (2)”

Ye Sha who was standing guard outside, had immediately upon hearing that soft sigh, released a tiny Ink Snake almost subconsciously.

He secretly rubbed his hand over his face outside the window soundlessly.

“Lord Jue, you should really get back here fast.”


Surrounded by clear and pristine bodies of water, in an old and ancient Buddhist Temple, fresh red blood had tainted the place’s peaceful solace and quiet tranquility.

Inside the ancient Buddhist temple, dead corpses littered over the entire temple floor. Bright red blood covered the floor of the temple, and the smell of death pervaded every corner of that place of peace and tranquility.

In the middle of the sea of blood, a tall slender figure stood. Below the man’s feet, the floor was piled high with a mountain of dead bodies, seemingly just like a volcano spewing hot bright lava, as rivulets of blood ran down the arms and legs of the dead bodies, gathering into a garish red river of blood below.

“Lord Jue!” Ye Mei came running out from inside a room in the ancient temple, with a brocaded box clasped tightly in his hands.

“Found it?” Standing atop the mountainous pile of dead bodies, was the long missed Jun Wu Yao! Upon that flawlessly and devilishly handsome face, was an unquenchable bloodthirsty smile. The pair of violet eyes which seemed to have been immersed in blood were shining with elation after the bloody slaughter. With a light tap of his foot, Jun Wu Yao rose in the air and glided gracefully off the pile of corpses.

“Yes, milord!” Ye Mei nodded.

A faint smile came onto Jun Wu Yao’s face as he looked around at the tranquil ancient Buddhist temple, his eyes filled with disdain and contempt.

“Even a thousand year ancient Buddhist temple had fallen under the hands of those people. They have really tainted the sanctity of this highly sacred grounds of Buddha.” Jun Wu Yao raised a hand up slightly and the countless number of bodies that filled the ancient Buddhist temple were suddenly shrouded by a blood mist. The blood mist then spread out and all the corpses fallen upon the ground began to shake and shudder strangely in intervals. All the blood in those bodies and those spilled upon the ground was suddenly being drawn together by the blood mist, every single drop quickly gathering together!

The faintly coloured blood mist was soon infused with the red blood, freshly drawn out, turning the mist a thick and intense shade, looking as if a whole sea of blood had been lifted up in midair!

All the blood had disappeared off the floor without a single trace of it left in just barely a blink, and the countless corpses had been sucked completely dry as they lay unmoving, that filled up the temple grounds.

Jun Wu Yao then closed the palm he had lifted slightly!

The blood red mist instantly shrunk into a ball! Until it became a red droplet about the size of a thumbnail, which then slowly flew into Jun Wu Yao’s hand.

Jun Wu Yao toyed with the tiny droplet of blood, his violet eyes narrowing slightly. He lifted his chin slightly and glanced at the pile of dry corpses on the ground out of the corner of his eye. He flicked his sleeve lightly and a clear breeze blew, sweeping through the entire ancient temple. Every inch that the light breeze touched, the dry corpses upon the ground instantly turned into dust, disappearing with the wind.

“Tch, if Little Xie gets to know about it, she will surely be disgusted.” Jun Wu Yao toyed with the droplet of blood between his fingers a moment more before a smile curled up the ends of his lips. He suddenly popped the droplet of blood into his mouth and swallowed it!

After Jun Wu Yao swallowed the blood droplet which was actually the gathered blood of the countless number of people in there, a strange glint flashed within his violet eyes.

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” Jun Wu Yao suddenly sailed up into the air and he swung his upraised hand slightly. The thousand year Buddhist temple suddenly collapsed in an instant!

Ye Mei stood outside the ruins of the ancient Buddhist temple and kept the brocade box away safely. Immediately after that, he spotted a familiar Ink Snake slithering out from the forest beside him and he bent over to pick the Ink Snake up and placed it upon his palm. He pushed a finger against the Ink Snake’s abdomen lightly and the Ink Snake immediately spat a waxed ball out of its mouth!

Ye Mei crushed the waxed ball and pulled out the note within. Not daring to lay a single glance upon it, he immediately said to Jun Wu Yao who was still suspended in midair: “Lord Jue, Ye Sha sent news.”

Jun Wu Yao immediately descended and landed right before Ye Mei, quickly taking the note from Ye Mei hand’s without a word.

News from Ye Sha, could only be about her.


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