GDBBM – Chapter 1009

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Chapter 1009: “Missing Someone is a Form of Sickness (1)”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes looked down, and a cold laugh grew in her heart.

Both she and the Soaring Serpent did not trust each other.

When Jun Wu Xie awoke, the little black cat was standing anxiously beside her. Even Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had come over to crowd around her as well. The eyes of those three adorable little beasts were filled with worry and anxiety and when they saw Jun Wu Xie stirring, the eyes of the three little guys immediately filled up with joy.

“What happened to you? Why did you just faint all of a sudden?” The little black cat asked, as it pawed at Jun Wu Xie’s hand. Jun Wu Xie had suddenly fallen into a dead faint which had almost frightened it to its death.

“I’m alright.” Jun Wu Xie said, as she shook her head. She raised up her wounded hand and found that the severe wound had almost completely healed, which surprised her quite a bit, with the speed the healing was taking place.

She quickly recalled that Qing Yu had mentioned to her that quick healing was a special ability of the Devious Wyvern’s and when the golden seed infused with the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone into her body, she seemed to have gained that exceptional ability which rather piqued Jun Wu Xie’s curiosity.

She had handled quite a huge number of spirit stones with her hands before, but the golden seed had not reacted the same way with any of those spirit stones. Why had it chosen to absorb the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone which was the very one that the Soaring Serpent seeked so desperately?

Jun Wu Xie stood up and took out the spirit stones she had in her Cosmos Sack, testing them by placing all of them one by one upon her palm. But there was no reaction at all, nothing like what had occurred earlier. No matter which spirit stone she used, the golden seed did not react in the slightest.

“Devious Wyvern.” Jun Wu Xie muttered the name subconsciously. She was not familiar with that Spirit Beast and all she knew about it was only through the things Qing Yu had told her previously.

But judging from the current situation, it was obvious that there was definitely something more than meets the eye with the Devious Wyvern. The Soaring Serpent had not hesitated to expose its hidden existence in order to get it and even the mysterious golden seed had reacted to it….. Moreover, the person from the Twelve Palaces who dominated over the Thousand Beast City had asked to have the Devious Wyvern found. The unusual reactions of all these three entities seemed to be trying to tell Jun Wu Xie something.

But just what was it exactly, was still a mystery to Jun Wu Xie.

At that moment, thoughts of Jun Wu Yao came into Jun Wu Xie’s mind.

If he was here, he might be able to help her clear up all these doubts.

Somehow or rather, Jun Wu Xie seemed to feel, that there was nothing in this world that Jun Wu Yao did not know about. Any problem when placed before him, seemed like it would be so easily resolved.

Jun Wu Yao himself was shrouded in mystery. Just who was he exactly, and why had he been imprisoned in that cave?

Jun Wu Xie had not thought much about all this in the past as she had not cared. But she didn’t know why she was suddenly interested to know more about Jun Wu Yao, his past, and everything else about him…..

Jun Wu Xie had never felt like this before. Whenever she thought of Jun Wu Yao, she seemed to lose that strict control over her emotions and actions, but even so, she would still think of him.

Although it made her feel somewhat helpless, but she did not really hate that feeling.

It’s just that…..

She seemed to be missing him.

Jun Wu Xie looked up slightly, to stare at the horizon outside the window. [Not knowing….. where he is now, and what he is doing?] [He was just like the wind that people knew well, always there but unseen, you couldn’t catch it nor grasp it, always soundless when coming in, and leaving no trace when he left.]

“Big Brother Wu Yao…..” Jun Wu Xie murmured softly with a faint sigh. However, when she realized what she had just said, and that there was a strange feeling in her heart, she resolved not to think about it anymore, and went on to bandage up her wound.


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