GDBBM – Chapter 1011

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Chapter 1011: “Missing Someone is a Form of Sickness (3)”

Jun Wu Yao read every single word on the note carefully and a smile curled up upon his lips. This smile was completely different from the sinister and devilish smile from the one he showed before, but was one that seemingly arced up so gently, a smile that made that flawlessly handsome face look more intoxicatingly beautiful.

“Does it have something to do with the Young Miss?” Ye Mei inquired, when he saw the smile on his Lord Jue’s face, immediately guessing what the subject in the contents was. Under all the Heavens, the only person who was able to make his Lord Jure smile so “normally”, could only be the Young Miss alone.

“The little one, seems to be thinking of me.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile, his voice seemingly soaring with elation.

“Lord Jue has been away the longest this time and it is very normal that the Young Miss would miss Lord Jue. We have already located one of these things, so do we go back first and hand it over to the Young Miss?” Ye Mei asked, looking at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao rubbed the note lightly between his fingers and the note turned to dust and scattered into the wind.

“Don’t tell her about these things for now. But….. it is time we go back and take a look though. The little one can really move, it has only been such a short period of time and she has already run all the way to the Thousand Beast City.”

“Lord Jue! Aren’t there people from the Twelve Palaces at the Thousand Beast City? If you go there now…..” Ye Mei could not help but be worried. He wasn’t afraid of the Twelve Palaces, but it was just not a good time for Lord Jue to reveal himself before the Twelve Palaces now. If news that Lord Jue was still alive was leaked out, he was afraid…..

“It won’t matter.” Jun Wu Yao waved his hand nonchalantly.

“If I kill them all, there won’t be anyone to say anything.” Jun Wu Yao said as a cruel smile shone upon his face.

In this world, only dead people would not talk.


In the Icy Frost Clan Hall, Lin Feng was pacing around in his room restlessly, his face a mask of anxiousness and fear.

“Young Chief…..” A servant greeted as he walked in from outside.

Lin Feng immediately rushed up and asked anxiously. “Did you manage to see my father?”

The servant shook his head.

The Clan Chief is currently busy. I went to see him, but he was not there.”

“Damn it!” Lin Feng slammed his fist onto the table. The Devious Wyvern was gone. How was he going to answer for it to his father?

Even if his father forgave him as he was his own son and was lenient with him, but the Devious Wyvern was already meant to be gifted to that person. The Devious Wyvern was now dead, how was he going to face up to it?

“Go out and watch the gates! Once my father comes back, inform me immediately!” Lin Feng said in a fluster.

The servant immediately left the room.

Lin Feng threw himself into his chair highly agitated, his hands tugging at his hair.

Even when he was the son of the Icy Frost Clan’s Clan Chief, if that person got to know that he was the one who got the Devious Wyvern that she wished to have killed, not even his father would be able to protect him.

Upon the thought of how cruel and brutal that person was, Lin Feng immediately felt chills run up his spine, and his heart suddenly filled up endless regret.

If he had known that Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast was of the Guardian Grade, he would have rather chosen to suffer that grievance quietly, than hand over the Devious Wyvern.

As Lin Feng was waiting anxiously inside, the Icy Frost Clan’s Clan Chief, Lin Que, finally came in from outside. The moment he stepped in, the servant had immediately gone to inform Lin Feng and Lin Feng had rushed over in an instant.

Lin Que had just stepped into the backyard when he saw his son coming towards him with wide strides, and suddenly falling to his knees with a loud thud before him.

“My son? What is this?” Lin Que asked, looking at his son in puzzlement.

Lin Feng’s face was mournful and his voice was highly panicked as he said: “I beg father to save your son!”


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