GDBBM – Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007: “The Soaring Serpent (2)”

The Soaring Serpent was the first ring spirit she had absorbed and reasonably, its soul should have completely disappeared by now.

“What are you really trying to say?” Jun Wu Xie had in her conversation with the Soaring Serpent, portrayed herself to be highly calm, but in her heart, she had been constantly trying to pick out any hidden clues from the Soaring Serpent’s words, to find out the reason for this unexpected occurrence.

The Soaring Serpent had said, the reason its spirit had not completely disappeared, had been because of the precious treasure Jun Wu Yao had given to her…..

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed, as in her mind, she was trying her hardest to determine just what that treasure mentioned was.


She thought of one thing!

Back at the time when she had not hesitated to sacrifice her own spirit in the Cloudy Peaks to kill the man from the Twelve Palaces, she had then been dragged away from the place in the end. Although she had still barely managed to stay alive then, her spirit had suffered an unprecedented amount of damage. At that time, Jun Wu Yao had given her a little golden seed, and it had assimilated itself into her body.

Jun Wu Yao had said then…..

The seed would be able to repair her damaged spirit!

Jun Wu Xie finally understood. The golden seed must have been something that allowed damaged spirits to heal and as the Soaring Serpent was the first ring spirit she had absorbed, and it was also the most important one that laid the foundation, based on what she knew of Jun Wu Yao, the Soaring Serpent would definitely be a powerful entity!

In the entire period after the Soaring Serpent had been suppressed and absorbed into her body, it must have been that its spirit was being slowly assimilated into her body just like all the other ring spirits. But as the Soaring Serpent was a highly powerful ring spirit, the period of time it could hold out for was on an entirely different level as the other ring spirits!

When Jun Wu Yao implanted that seed into her, it must have been that the Soaring Serpent still had not been fully absorbed, and when the golden seed was healing her, it had healed the Soaring Serpent’s spirit at the same time!

That could not be good news for her.

Although the Soaring Serpent was trying very hard not to show it, Jun Wu Xie could still detect an intense hatred, nursed deep within the Soaring Serpent’s gaze.

In regards to the fact that it had been imprisoned and devoured by her, the Soaring Serpent at that moment, must have wished for nothing more than to have her killed. It was holding back its rage and hatred at that moment because it simply had no other choice.

“Kid, although we had battled once before, but my spirit is now melded together with yours. No matter how much I hate you now, I cannot strike at you, as you are afterall, still the main resident spirit of this shell of a body. If I am to kill you now, your body will start to disintegrate and my spirit will still not be able to return to where I came from.” The Soaring Serpent said through its tightly clenched jaws, looking straight at Jun Wu Xie. Just as Jun Wu Xie had guessed, the Soaring Serpent still nursed a strong hatred against her.

But having managed to still be alive after so much difficulty, the Soaring Serpent was not about to act rashly.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the Soaring Serpent. She did not doubt the Soaring Serpent’s words.

The concept of melding of souls was something she was already familiar with as the little black cat was also part of her conjoined soul. Regardless whether it was the little black cat or the Soaring Serpent, they were already assimilated into Jun Wu Xie’s spirit and once Jun Wu Xie died, the other two souls would not be able to survive. And by the same reason, as long as she lived, the other two souls would continue to live together with her!

“Why have you made me come here?” Jun Wu Xie asked, staring at the Soaring Serpent. The Soaring Serpent hated her, but had no choice but to submit to her. It was a complicated situation and it was really balanced rather delicately.

“I need to discuss something with you.” The Soaring Serpent replied.


“My soul is still severely weakened and with just that seed alone, it is not enough for me to recover completely. I will need some other things. If you can help me find them, I am willing to subject myself to be used by you. You should know very well by now, after our souls are joined, I can no longer do anything that will harm you.” The Soaring Serpent said softly.


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