GDBBM – Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006: “The Soaring Serpent (1)”

As for the beast that appeared, it was no stranger to Jun Wu Xie as well. The first time she had come to this dark world, had been because of this same beast!

The Soaring Serpent!

The ring spirit that Jun Wu Yao had given to her!

Jun Wu Xie looked calmly at the enormous Soaring Serpent. She had thought that when she achieved her first breakthrough of her spirit powers, the Soaring Serpent had already disappeared, absorbed into her spirit, never thinking for a moment that the spirit beast’s soul still had not completely scattered!

“You had not expected that we would meet again, did you?” The Soaring Serpent’s sharp and penetrating eyes stared piercingly at Jun Wu Xie. Even in its spiritual form, the warm air the beast threw out through its nostrils could seemingly still be felt.

“You have not completely disappeared yet?” Jun Wu Xie asked, an eyebrow lifting up.

“Of course I have not disappeared. You are just a tiny little lass, you do not have what it takes to eliminate me, the Great Soaring Serpent! If not for that man helping you on the outside, you really think you would be able to absorb me? What a joke!” The Soaring Serpent snorted derisively in contempt.

“Does not matter whether I am able to eliminate you but you have been absorbed by me. Do you want to have a taste of that again? If what my senses are telling are not wrong, your spirit seems to have gotten quite a bit weaker than before?” Jun Wu Xie asked, her eyes narrowing up. The Soaring Serpent had been violent and arrogant before and had not even wanted to speak a single word to her then. But with the Soaring Serpent’s appearance today, it had miraculously not attacked her in the first instance. That had made Jun Wu Xie start to guess, that the Soaring Serpent no longer possessed the power it once had, or why would it suddenly come talk to its enemy so peacefully like this?

The Soaring Serpent’s eyes glinted and its head suddenly rushed towards Jun Wu Xie. Just when it had gotten very close to Jun Wu Xie, it suddenly opened up its jaws and gave out a deafening roar from its mouth, the sharp pointed fangs directed right at Jun Wu Xie’s head!

Jun Wu Xie stood there unmoving, planted in her spot, not a single trace of fear or terror showing upon her incomparably beautiful face.

The Soaring Serpent’s eyes flashed, as it slowly shifted its body, to put some distance between Jun Wu Xie and itself.

“Kid, your powers might not be much to speak of, but your guts are something else. I, the Great Soaring Serpent having joined with you, isn’t too ashamed of that fact.” The Soaring Serpent said coldly.

“You mean absorbed.” Jun Wu Xie reminded the beast.

Rage immediately flashed within the Soaring Serpent’s eyes but it was quickly quelled down by the beast.

“That’s right. Absorbed. But in that process, a little accident occurred and haven’t you realized that the fact you can still see me now completely goes against all reason?” The Soaring Serpent asked through narrowed eyes as it melded itself back into the darkness. Only its pair of sharp and penetrating eyes glowed as two bright spots within the darkness, looking like the monsters hidden within nightmares, sending chills up people’s spines.

When the Soaring Serpent did not get a reply from Jun Wu Xie, it went on to say by itself: “According to the absorption process, after my spirit is suppressed by you, it should be slowly absorbed into your own spirit bit by bit, until my spirit ceases to exist completely. But now, my spirit still has not been reduced, but is instead continuously recovering. I really have that person who gave you that precious treasure to thank for this.”

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up.

The fact that the Soaring Serpent had not disappeared had greatly surprised her. When the Soaring Serpent was given to her, Jun Wu Yao had said that after the Soaring Serpent’s spirit had been absorbed, its soul would be completely eliminated. And as her spirit powers continued to rise and grow, the Soaring Serpent wasn’t the only ring spirit she had absorbed. After being absorbed by her, all those other ring spirits had disappeared completely without leaving a single trace behind.


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