GDBBM – Chapter 1008

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Chapter 1008: “The Soaring Serpent (3)”

“The Devious Wyvern! ! I sensed the presence of a Devious Wyvern earlier! I need the power of the Devious Wyvern!” The Soaring Serpent’s eyes flared open widely.

Jun Wu Xie’s gaze suddenly turned icy cold. She finally understood why she had suddenly experienced such a powerful urge that had almost gone beyond her control at the time when she had seen the Devious Wyvern. That feeling had not originated from herself, but had actually been from the Soaring Serpent’s consciousness!

The Soaring Serpent seeked to have the Devious Wyvern and when it sensed the Devious Wyvern’s presence, the Soaring Serpent’s desperate yearning had overflowed and spilled out to affect Jun Wu Xie’s emotions.

This was one of the major drawbacks of the melding of spirits!

“The Devious Wyvern is already dead.” Jun Wu Xie did not like the fact that her emotions had been influenced by something other than her own will. The Soaring Serpent was immensely powerful but it was different from the little black cat. The Soaring Serpent harboured strong hatred against her and it still had not found a way to break out yet. But if an opportunity arose in the future, the Soaring Serpent would definitely not hesitate in the slightest to immediately go back on its word!

Jun Wu Xie found that she did not like the idea of having such an unstable element residing within her body.

“Dead? Impossible! I just sensed its presence moments ago!” The Soaring Serpent exclaimed.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed. It seemed that the Soaring Serpent was only able to sense what was outside her body but not physically see what was happening. That made the situation a whole lot easier to handle.

It did not matter what the Soaring Serpent wanted the Devious Wyvern for, as Jun Wu Xie would never allow it to have it its way. Although being able to gain the Soaring Serpent’s help wasn’t be too bad an option, Jun Wu Xie would definitely not allow a ring spirit that held such strong hatred for her to become stronger.

At least before she could be clear about the Soaring Serpent’s current situation, she was not about to allow that to happen.

But the Soaring Serpent’s words had also helped clear up many of the doubts she had.

The previously inexplicable urge was now explained, and the golden tendrils that had appeared within her palm was perceived to have been derived from the golden seed. The Soaring Serpent had an intensely strong yearning for the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone, and that yearning had not been within Jun Wu Xie’s control. Just as that longing was about to reach its peak, the golden seed had suddenly manifested and assimilated the Devious Wyvern’s spirit stone into her body.

Compared to the Soaring Serpent, Jun Wu Xie was more inclined to believe that the golden seed did not seek to harm her.

No matter the reason why the golden seed had wanted to do that, Jun Wu Xie was quite certain that it had been trying to help her.

“It was swallowed up by my Spirit Beast and is now dead.” Jun Wu Xie said expressionlessly, trying to dupe the Soaring Serpent.

The Soaring Serpent looked like it wasn’t willing to give up just like that and it attempted to seek for the Devious Wyvern’s presence once more, but did not manage to detect any sign of it. It had precisely gotten itself in such a flustered state of panic earlier because the Devious Wyvern’s presence had suddenly disappeared, which had made it forcibly drag Jun Wu Xie into this spiritual dimension even before its spirit had been completely restored, which exposed the fact that its soul still existed within Jun Wu Xie’s body to her.

“Why must it happen this way…..” The Soaring Serpent’s voice was filled with endless regret.

Jun Wu Xie was however still as calm as ever.

The Soaring Serpent remained morosely silent and depressed for a long while before it suddenly came very close to Jun Wu Xie again, its eyes fully widened up as it stared at Jun Wu Xie in her face.

“You help me to find the Devious Wyvern and I will submit myself to your orders. If I become stronger, you will gain unsurpassable power as well. This is a deal that both you and I will stand to gain.”

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie agreed readily.

The Soaring Serpent stared at Jun Wu Xie for a while before it pulled back and put some distance between them.

“I’ll wait for it.” The eyes of the Soaring Serpent got further and further away from Jun Wu Xie and finally disappeared within the darkness.



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