GDBBM – Chapter 1001

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Chapter 1001: “Who Swallows Who (3)”

What everyone found hard to believe was that the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was actually transformed by that little one before their eyes now!

At that moment, everyone finally understood. That weak and frail looking Spirit Beast that seemed like it would not even be able to even withstand a single hit was in reality not a low grade Spirit Beast that they had all thought it to be, but was actually a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that had hidden its powers and its true grade! !

Who would have thought, that the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that was only heard of in legends, would appear before everyone’s eyes in such a form?

They all finally understood why all the numerous low grade Spirit Beasts had upon hearing just one single bleat from Lord Meh Meh, immediately been reduced to terrified and quivering heaps in fear. Before the magnificent power of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, what could those low grade Spirit Beasts do? Even the strongest among them, the Six Armed Black Ape, was nothing at all in the face of such grandeur!

Standing at the pinnacle of the food chain, the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was able to take down one and all below the Guardian Grade in a second!

And that would include even the Devious Wyvern that had a foot just wedged into the Guardian Grade!

Lin Feng was still stunned as he looked at Lord Meh Meh walking out from among the rubble, its tiny hooves tapping upon the stones. His eyes were still filled with pure and utter disbelief. How could he have ever thought, that Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast would in reality be a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast?

In the entire Thousand Beast City, no one had ever been able to tame a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast without any external influences, and even people with Beast Tamer Bracelets did not possess such an ability to do that. Throughout the entire Thousand Beast City, the one lone item that could make a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast submit, would only be the divine item, the Spirit Taming Bone Flute!

As the Spirit Beast that dominated over all others, the might and intelligence of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast made them unwilling to submit themselves to anyone. A very very long time ago, in the midst of a chaotic battle, a Grand Chieftain of the Thousand Beast City had once commandeered a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, but that had been with the help of the Spirit Taming Bone Flute and using the Spirit Taming Bone Flute to forcibly distort the consciousness of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was by itself a highly dangerous act as the slightest misstep or carelessness would allow the Spirit Beast to turn back upon the user!

Lin Feng had never ever heard of anyone that was able to make a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast submit to him, with just one’s own abilities…..

This time, Lin Feng had truly suffered a double whammy this time round. He had not only been unable to see Jun Xie cry and sob pitifully, he had even gotten his father’s most prized Devious Wyvern killed, and Lin Feng was suddenly caught up in a panicked fluster.

He stared in horror at Lord Meh Meh, watching Lord Meh Meh’s every single step as it walked towards Jun Xie. Every single step it took, felt like those hooves had stepped through his heart, piercing deep into it!

“Cheat! You’ve cheated!” In his mind numbing terror, Lin Feng suddenly stood up, his finger pointed right at Jun Xie as he shouted loudly: “The Spirit Beast Arena only allows low grade Spirit Beast to contest! You scoundrel! You actually got your Guardian Grade Spirit Beast to pose as a low grade Spirit Beast to come her to contest! That is a flagrant breach of the rules in the Spirit Beast Arena! You have to abide by the rules! You need to hand over your Spirit Beast!”

Lin Feng’s face was completely pale as he shouted loudly with his weak pretense of false bravado.

Lin Feng’s desperate shouts caused the entire silent crowd in the arena to feel rather strange.

Jun Wu Xie raised up her head slightly, looking Lin Feng who had in his excitement, dropped his heavy cloak, to reveal his identity before everyone.

[It had come to this afterall.]

“Guards! He has broken the rules! That is cheating! Take his Spirit Beast away from him!” Lin Feng was hopping mad, the loss of the Devious Wyvern was not something he was able to shoulder and when his father found out, even if his life was to be spared he would still be skinned alive!

Moreover, the Devious Wyvern was meant for that person and if that person got to know that he had gotten the Devious Wyvern killed in a fit of anger…..

Lin Feng did not dare to continue on with that thought!

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