GDBBM – Chapter 1002

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Chapter 1002: “Who Swallows Who (4)”

The Devious Wyvern was no more and Lin Feng was suddenly panicking, trying to think of a way out for him in that situation. And in his anxiety, he actually even considered trying to snatch Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast away from him!

Although the Devious Wyvern was highly precious, but a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast would be enough to make up for it!

Lin Feng was howling incessantly, but no one in the Spirit Beast Arena dared to agree with Lin Feng at that moment. Although they recognized Lin Feng for who he was, but they still had not completely lost their mind as they were fully aware of the fact that Jun Xie still had a full fledged Guardian Grade Spirit Beast in his hands!

When the Spirit Beast had merely made an appearance in its true form earlier, it had already crushed the lives out of a group of people and they were not prepared to have that happen to them just yet.

Jun Wu Xie’s looked on coldly as Lin Feng howled loudly. Even when Lin Feng had screamed himself hoarse, not a single person in the Spirit Beast Arena dared to reply to his pitiful cries.

“You done with your screaming?” Jun Wu Xie asked expressionlessly.

Lin Feng’s already pale facial complexion had in turn flushed to a red shade as he stared at Jun Xie, panting heavily and he seeming to be wishing that he could literally stare two holes through the youth’s body.

“To think that the Young Master of the Icy Frost Clan would be so childish that you need an outsider like me to tell you the rules of the Spirit Beast Arena?” Jun Wu Xie said in a cold tone.

Lin Feng was shocked, as he turned his fearful gaze to look all around him. All the people whom his gaze fell upon, lowered their heads quickly, not daring to look him in the eye.

The rules of the Spirit Beast Arena, had always applied towards the human owners more than the Spirit Beasts. As long as the participating contestant did not possess a Beast Tamer Bracelet, it did not matter what grade the Spirit Beast was, and the people of the Spirit Beast Arena would not interfere in that aspect. Even when Jun Xie’s Spirit Beast was a full fledged Guardian Grade Spirit Beast, he would not have broken any rules in the Spirit Beast Arena.

“If you are to say that I have broken the rules, then when you secretly brought the Devious Wyvern in here, what would that then count as? Do you really need me to remind you of the Devious Wyvern’s Spirit Beast grade?” Jun Wu Xie sneered, looking scornfully at Lin Feng. She really had absolutely no interest in tangling with such a spoiled brat but as he had offered his face up to her asking to be slapped, how could she rudely reject his most “kind offer”?

Lin Feng was driven to speechlessness by Jun Xie’s words as he fell back in a stagger, taking a couple of steps back. He really would not have thought that Jun Xie would know about the Devious Wyvern.

“Instead of trying to argue with me about it here, the Young Master of the Icy Frost Clan should instead be thinking how you are going to answer to your father about this.” Jun Wu Xie bent down to pick Lord Meh Meh up and carry it in her arms. The fact that Lord Meh Meh would swallow the Devious Wyvern had been beyond her expectations but anyway, as the deed had already been done, even if Lord Meh Meh spat it back out, the Devious Wyvern would not come back to life.


She had no intentions of returning the carcass of the Devious Wyvern back to Lin Feng.

“You….. You lost…. You still lost!” Lin Feng could not find any other plausible retort but was unwilling to let Jun Xie have the last word before he left, or wouldn’t that mean that he would have nothing left? And that he had lost everything he had staked everything on in the process?

Jun Wu Xie lifted her eyes and looked at Lin Feng.

“Your Spirit Beast stepped out of the battle arena platform! Its foot had stepped out of bounds, which meant that it lost! The Devious Wyvern had won!” Lin Feng screamed maniacally, grasping desperately as he teetered at the edge of his own sanity.

“Oh? That’s alright. I can mount a new challenge tomorrow.” Jun Wu Xie shot back easily.

It would just be a matter of another two days. She could afford to wait.

Anyway, she had no intentions of leaving the Thousand Beast City for awhile.

Jun Wu Xie’s composed calm had instead clearly shown Lin Feng’s panic to everyone there with the stark contrast between the two of them.

No matter how what kind of an unreasonable tantrum Lin Feng was throwing or how hard he pestered in desperation, Jun Xie was completely unaffected from beginning to end.

That unconcerned reaction, was just like a indirect slap, that brushed past Lin Feng’s face. Although it did not hurt, but the humiliation was completely real!

That’s right, with a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast in hand, who would be worried about having to start over in the Spirit Beast Arena?

The Spirit Beast she held in her hand, was proof enough that she would not fail!


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