GDBBM – Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000: “Who Swallows Who (2)”

The originally wide and spacious Spirit Beast Arena, had in the instant the gigantic Spirit Beast appeared, become highly squashed. Some people who were nearest to the battle stage itself had at the moment the Spirit Beast landed, instantly been crushed to death on the spot!

A thick stench of blood wafted through the air in the Spirit Beast Arena, as all their eyes widened with incredulous disbelief, staring at the nine tailed Spirit Beast!

“A Guardian Grade Spirit Beast….. That is a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast!” Within the heavy silence, one lone scream sounded, as loud gasps erupted from the crowd!

No one would have thought that within the Spirit Beast Arena in the Thousand Beast City, a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that existed only in legends would appear!

Jun Wu Xie looked on calmly at Lord Meh Meh who had revealed its true form, and a faint smile showed upon her lips.

Hidden among the crowd and all prepared to enjoy the great show that was about to commence, Lin Feng was equally stunned by everything that he saw before him. His eyes widened up in flabbergasted shock, staring in utter disbelief at the Devious Wyvern pinned down under the Guardian Grade Spirit Beast’s foot, unable to believe his own eyes.

The mournful cries of the Devious Wyvern reached his ears, the sounds extremely pitiful and filled with fear and terror!

“Oh no!” Still in shock, an ominous feeling suddenly grew within Lin Feng’s heart. He suddenly threw away all caution as he clawed and scratched his way through the crowd of people in front of him, scrambling his way towards the direction where the Devious Wyvern was.

However, just at that moment, Lord Meh Meh’s jaws opened up wide and it swallowed up the writhing and squirming Spirit Beast beneath its foot into its stomach!

The Devious Wyvern that was as almost as big as a small mountain was swallowed whole, and without even chewing!

By the time Lin Feng managed to break out from within the crowd of people, it saw the tail end of the Devious Wyvern disappearing through the jaws of Lord Meh Meh, and Lord Meh Meh’s action of swallowing. Lin Feng suddenly felt as if all the blood in his body had been sucked out dry from him, as his entire person slumped weakly to the ground.

[How did it become like this?] [How did it become like this?] [How did the Devious Wyvern end up being swallowed up?]

A persistent ringing grew in Lin Feng’s mind, as he refused to believe that all that his eyes saw was real!

That Devious Wyvern had been meant to be a congratulatory gift his father had carefully prepared for that person!

But now, he had secretly taken the Devious Wyvern out, and caused the Devious Wyvern to be swallowed up by a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that had suddenly appeared, without even leaving a single scale behind…..

Fear and terror exploded within Lin Feng’s chest, his teeth began to chatter as he sat upon the cold ground, his body suddenly turning icy cold.

And the moment that the Devious Wyvern was completely swallowed up by Lord Meh Meh into its stomach, the strong urge that Jun Wu Xie felt had immediately disappeared without a trace left behind. Her face creased up slightly in puzzlement, as she noticed the subtle change that had come over her emotions.

The entire Spirit Beast Arena was in chaos. The appearance of a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast had shattered the sanity of many of them. They howled and wailed as they tried to retreat back in fear, as the only emotion one should feel before the presence of a full Guardian Grade Spirit Beast was only terror!

Lord Meh Meh licked its jaws in satisfaction as the sticky sensation below one of its claws made it feel rather uncomfortable. It instantly changed itself into a ball of light and shrunk itself, gradually turning bit by bit from the gigantic beast form, into a little ball of wool.

When the light faded away, within the heap of rubble that was the battle platform, an adorable little sheep suddenly appeared.

“Meh?” Lord Meh Meh stared at the disorderly mess all around it, looking at the crushed battle platform reduced to formless rubble, and a heap of mashed up blood and flesh on one side it had created when it “accidentally” stepped on them. It bleated once, the sound seemingly questioning.

And with that single bleat, the chaotic mess that wrecked the Spirit Beast Arena immediately fell silent once again!

All eyes were staring, in bug eyed disbelief at Lord Meh Meh standing among the rubble. Never in their dreams, would they have once thought that the one who had brought this horrendous nightmare to them, would be the “low grade Spirit Beast” that they had despised all this while!


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