GDBBM – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: “Imperial Ruse (2)”

“I wouldn’t want to wrongly accuse them, but seeing that Jun Qing is still alive, that seems the only possibility. That answers how Jun Wu Xie managed to produce Jade Dew pills, and the Crown Prince’s recovery after they got close! It is making me worried for you, Father!” Mo Yuan Fei exclaimed, his head knocked soundly on the ground, kowtowing in subservience.

The Emperor pondered, gazing at Mo Xuan Fei.

“How are things between you and Bai Yun Xian?” Inquired the Emperor.

Mo Xuan Fei hastily replied: “She has been moved by me, and it was within my control, till the episode with Jun Wu Xie at the Crown Prince Residence, made her sulky, and she has been rather cold.”

She was already always distant, and now she gives me the cold shoulder.

The Emperor furrowed his brows.

Mo Xuan Fei persisted, “Father! The Crown Prince and the Lin Palace have been in contact frequently, conspiring, if the truth of that matter was known…..”

“ENOUGH! “ The Emperor slammed the scrolls onto the table, brows twisted in anger.

“For these matters, I will handle it. How are the investigations on Official Lin’s corruption and forced acquisitions of houses coming along?” The Emperor swiftly changed the subject.

Mo Xuan Fei stayed motionless for a long while, at a loss for words on the sudden question thrown to him with regards to Official Lin.

Official Lin was originally an officer guarding a city at the borders. He had spotted unusual movements in the area and promptly reported the intelligence to the then Commander-In-Chief, Jun Gu, and the army won a resounding victory. This earned the officer praise from the Emperor and was promoted from a border guard officer to an Official in the city.

Official Lin’s full name was Lin Yue Yang, a man, honest and forthright, who stuck to his principles. Even after many years in the Imperial City, he kept a low profile. Though it was due to his timely report to Jun Gu that won him the promotion, he did not pander nor initiate any contact with the Lin Palace. Even when Jun Gu was slain in battle, he sent a proxy to pay his last respects and did not appear himself.

Lin Yue Yang was not a high ranking official, and not corrupted, but his upright principles had threaded on quite a few toes in the Imperial City.

“I have ordered investigations into it, but with Lin Yue Yang’s quiet nature, and he is prudent in whatever he does, I have yet to uncover sufficient evidence.” Mo Yuan Fei explained hastily.

“Imbecile.” The Emperor scoffed, eyes closed in contemplation before continuing: “Xuan Fei, you are still young. In this world, there are groundless charges, that do not require much evidence.”

Mo Xuan Fei was startled, he looked up, and saw the sinister look in the Emperor’s eyes.

“Lin Yue Yang was bestowed royal benevolence due to the Jun Family, and saved the life of Jun Gu once. If he is accused of betraying the royal benevolence, and charged with suppression of the commoners in the Imperial City, Lin Palace will surely take action for a man so closely linked!” The Emperor’s lips curled, eyes like that of a venomous snake hidden deep in the forests.

Mo Yuan Fei struggled to understand before it dawned upon him. A vile smile forming on his face, head on the ground, kneeling, bowed in acquiescence.

“I learnt a lot today, I shall arrest Lin Yue Yang this instant! ”

“Hold it! “ The Emperor said slightly raising his hand.

“Lin Yue Yang is highly skilled, ordinary guards are not his match. If he escapes the arrest, you will have to watch your back, no need to expose yourself to harm.” The Emperor pointed out.

Mo Xuan Fei’s vile smile widened.

“Thank you for pointing that out! “

Jun Wu Xie, this time, You have no way out! I will get you!

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