GDBBM – Chapter 422

Chapter 422

*jingle bells*

First of all, let’s give it up to our wonderful Quirin Gylstorff for filling up our Sunday’s Happy Meter. I’m sure this extra dose has tugged your heartstrings and your happiness meter has overflowed. Sorry for the lil cliffy at the end though… =p

Are you ready? Let’s do this! *presses button*

A trail of fairy lights lights up a with the words: “Thank you Quirin Gylstorff !!!”

Can you hear the bells jingling? Christmas is round the corner and we’ve got a WHOLE BUNCH of SUPER AWESOME supporters who’ve ensured your whole Christmas prelude is filled. Look forward to extra doses of happiness, how many? check out our Happy Meter

We may be posting a lil slower before Christmas as we’ve got tons of presents to wrap and parties to attend. (Don’t we all?) Let’s all sit back, relax and enjoy a warm cup of chocolate… *stretches & relaxes*

*jingling bells*

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