GDBBM – Chapter 422

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Chapter 422: “Beast Spirit Faculty (1)”

That very afternoon, Jun Wu Xie put on the Beast Spirit faculty’s jade emblem and was accompanied by Fan Jin as they made their way towards the Beast Spirit faculty’s campus. Due to  Fan Jin’s presence, the other disciples did not dare to be overly brazen with their actions. They had only gathered together in groups whispering to each other while they pointed repeatedly at Jun Xie standing beside Fan Jin. However, what was being said among themselves could not be heard.

The junior and senior disciples in the Beast Spirit faculty were taught separately and after Fan Jin brought Jun Xie to the class for the newly admitted disciples, his face was etched with worry.

“Little Xie, I’ll be going now. If anyone says anything unbearable, do not take it to heart. And if anyone bullies you, just tell me about it and I’ll teach them a lesson.” Fan Jin said, shaking his fist visibly before the other disciples in the class. Fan Jin had always been known to be peace loving but in view of Jun Xie’s predicament, he was prepared to defend Jun Xie even if his reputation was to be damaged.

He would only have to wait for the day that Jun Xie succeeded and their grievances would all be righted.     

Jun Wu Xie looked at Fan Jin, and she suddenly thought that he was very similar to Qiao Chu before she nodded slightly.

Fan Jin spoke a while more before he left, his brow still creased in worry.

Fan Jin had just stepped away when the whole classroom, who had been wary of Fan Jin and had kept their silence, heard a voice suddenly exclaim loudly.

“I was just thinking who that was, and it turns out to be the Zephyr Academy’s most shameless. So, you couldn’t get into the Spirit Healer faculty and have condescended yourself to come to the Beast Spirit faculty? I had thought that anyone who was thrown out of the Spirit Healer faculty were immediately expelled from the Zephyr Academy altogether. It seems I was wrong.” A youth with a sneering smile said while looking at Jun Wu Xie and she recognised him to be one of the youths from the group who had confronted her in the dining hall with Li Zi Mu.

“That depends on who you are talking about though. If you manage to grab on certain right connections, nothing is impossible. You are talking about the Headmaster’s son after all. He just has to open his mouth to plead a little and he would be able to keep anyone he wants within the Zephyr Academy! Didn’t you hear, Senior Fan had said it before all of us here that if any of us dared to bully Jun Xie, he will teach us a lesson you know?” Another youth quipped. Although neither of them intended to lay their hands on Jun Xie this time, the daggers they shot from their eyes were obvious for all to see.

And they were not afraid that Jun Xie would hear them either.

“I would advise the two of you to not speak too much about that. Mind you, that person has the backing of someone of great authority. They were able to retain someone who was supposed to be expelled from the Zephyr Academy that easily, maybe with a few more words from them, they would get us all expelled instead! It would be better to keep our mouths shut.”

The youths laughed as they spat out their venomous innuendos, and the atmosphere within the class grew more and more stifling.

There were tens of them in this batch of new disciples who were admitted and they were further split in two halves between the Beast Spirit and Weapon Spirit faculties. All the over thirty odd disciples in the class were admitted together with Jun Wu Xie.

And among all that number of disciples, not a single one among them held any kind intentions for the lone Jun Wu Xie.

The little black cat upon Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders shot the ignorant youths a lazy glare.

[How childish…..]

Jun Wu Xie was completely unaffected by those insults and insinuated accusations and walked slowly towards a corner of the room to sit down, to wait for the Teacher to arrive.

For those three loudmouthed youths, they suddenly felt rather slighted when they could not incite any response from Jun Xie. But with Fan Jin’s forewarning, they did not dare touch a hair on Jun Xie, and could only rope in the whole class to ostracise Jun Xie for them.

The Teacher for the new disciples admitted into the Beast Spirit faculty walked into the class. In a moment, the deafening noise in the classroom died down. All the new disciples sat up straight in their seats and ceased all their boisterous behaviour.

Qian Yuan He swept his stern glare around the class and finally spied a tiny lone figure in the corner, ostracised by all the other disciples in the class, and his brows furrowed deeply.

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