Fox Waifu – Chapter 28

So the original plan was to release a chapter of Lu Bu…. however since my laptop died, I don’t know if I can finish translating Lu Bu on time…. so… I decided to release ch 28 of Waifu that I have finished 2 days prior… enjoy… and hopefully I can fix my laptop soon.

ps. thanks for all the suggestions for how to fix my laptop but most of them doesn’t work since I don’t have windows cd, my ssd got corrupted, hdd is almost completely dead and useless, cloning doesn’t work… etc. etc.  I ordered a new ssd to see if I can clone that and return my old one… hopefully that works… :\

pps. this shall be the 5th nonsponsored chapter of this week… enjoy

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  1. All Night says:

    As i’ve read through all 1318 chapters. It’s a decent story although nothing amazing. That harem though.

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