Farm In Another World : Chapters 9 to 10

Chapter 9 link

Sooner or later, this translation will reach the point where everyone’s left hanging. Please enjoy this nice Friday night update (for western readers)

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7 Responses to Farm In Another World : Chapters 9 to 10

  1. Tnyhy says:

    We will wait… at least it wasnt left in a extreme cliffhanger.

  2. Weed says:

    That will be a long time. No choice tho, so I’ll just give my best wishes to you for now. See you at 242.

  3. inspirati0n says:

    Thanks for the chapters!

    I didn’t know that ‘homebody’ was a word until I looked it up, since I see ‘recluse’ used more often, but I’m pretty sure ‘hobo’ has a whole different meaning..

  4. Faker says:

    well gotta wait for half a year to get to 242?
    Well good luck for re-translating I’ll just wait till you catch up to 242.

  5. winterwoods says:

    well i guess its gonna take a while to reach where it was left i do hope this works out well for you

  6. Adli says:

    why not release 240+ whilst also releasing the retranslation? for example: retranslation 2 – 3 chapters and continuation 1 – 2 chapters per week… just like wuxiaworld’s xian ni/renegade team have done…

  7. Ghost says:

    Hey guys, why don’t you adapt fivestarspeacalist syle. Continue from 242 and at the sometime release old chapter here and there. Just a thought. Thanks for your hard work._.

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