Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 – Sooner Or Later, One Day…

After walking around in the space and deciding that there was really nothing else, Zhao Hai came out from there and laid down on the bed quietly. His mind kept thinking about what had happened from when he first woke up until now.

Ever since knowing that he traversed, Zhao Hai not only had nothing to fear, but he also smiled to himself deep in his heart. He was a homebody when on Earth. He had to live with monthly Weibo submission fees, and his life was very stressful.

But things were different here. In here he’s a noble. Although he was ousted, he had his own fief. It was a barren land, but he still had a few loyal subordinates. A word from him could determine the lives and deaths of 100 slaves. His own castle had servants, and most importantly, he had the spatial farm.

Although it wasn’t known how the farm came to be, as long as it was there, he wouldn’t need to worry about food for life. Living out such free days was pretty nice.

He was thinking about this while he kept thinking about the later developments of the farm, but the thoughts would be useless right now. The farm must get on track right now.

But now the farm obviously mutated. It’s hard to say if it’s good or bad, so if he had the chance tomorrow, he would first bring the black soil outside into the space, and see if he could modify it using space soil and space water. And he had to pile up his funds and buy more seeds. Better if he also brought some space water outside. With this, he would also have his own soil if the farm disappeared. It would be the foundation of his own safety.

He fell asleep without knowing it while thinking. In his dream, he built a giant garden and became its master. Living out his own humble days, it’s a beauty in itself.

Right when he was having his sweet dream, a sound suddenly came,

Zhao Hai woke up swiftly and entered the space to find out that the radishes had matured. Big fat radishes, one after another, had bulged out of the ground.

Zhao Hai stopped caring. He ran next to the ground and dug out a radish with some elbow grease. He rubbed off the dirt on it and took a bite without caring about hygiene.

The sweetness of the radish juices which carried slight spiciness filled his whole mouth instantly. Zhao Hai couldn’t help but let out a sigh. This flavor was too good! When Zhao Hai was on Earth, he preferred to eat radishes. They were sweet, unlike green turnips which were always spicy. And the radishes grown in space had a much better flavor than those from Earth.

Zhao Hai chewed on the radish in his mouth while measuring it in his hand. It was at least more than 3 kilos in weight. It was large already, and it was very straight, white and plump. Just looking at it would elicit hunger.

Zhao Hai laughed happily and brought it front of a window of the grass hut. He took the basket written with ‘Collect’, and faced the radishes before shouting, “Collect!” The radishes flew out of the ground like they were dug out by large hands, into the basket. Yet the basket would never be full. Zhao Hai looked at it and saw that the radishes disappeared immediately when they entered the basket.

Not long after that, the whole ground was empty. Zhao Hai examined the storage and, as expected, the radishes had all been put into storage, while the ground had numerous radish holes.

Zhao Hai didn’t sell the radishes. Instead, he bought another sack of seeds and commanded the shovel to prepare the ground at the same time. He then planted the sack of seeds into the ground. Once he finished planting the sack of seeds, he heard a ‘DING’ sound, before a notification sound came,

Zhao Hai twisted his lips, “What a scrooge. Free seeds can only plant for 1 acre.”

Zhao Hai came out of the space after work. He looked at the sky outside and saw that it was very early. A blot of white was just coming from the east.

There was no way Greene and others would wake up at this time. Even the slaves were still sleeping. Zhao Hai was so excited he couldn’t sleep, and he sat in the room alone, chewing on the radish he dug out from the space. The taste was one he couldn’t resist.

A more than 3-kilo of radish was something Zhao Hai could never finish on his own. He only ate half of it before he became full, but something strange happened. He felt that there was a flowing warmth in his belly and his body seemed to be filled with energy in one go. Not even a single bit of tiredness was left.

Zhao Hai did a double take. Nothing of the sort happened before. He seemed to be eating radish, not a stimulant. How could this happen? This radish wasn’t a ginseng, was it?

Once he thought of this, Zhao Hai touched his own nose, fearing that he would have a nosebleed. But he found out that his nose was squeaky clean. No blood was dripping from it.

Zhao Hai taunted himself. He himself was prone to having wild thoughts, so he often did things that would be funny to others.

But he was sure that it was definitely not an illusion just now because he was still feeling energized. Both eyes bright without a bit of sleepiness.

This was somewhat unnatural since from Adam’s memories, he indeed drank the Water Of Void. Even though it wouldn’t cause any effects for people who didn’t learn magics and battle auras, it would make one feel very tired. It would also be impossible if you were to use sheer muscular power in order to become a fighter. So why would there be such a limitless force? There was only one possible reason for this sensation; The radish just now.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help himself from anticipating even more from the radish when he thought about it. He immediately put it into his spatial storage and prepared himself to ask Greene about it. To see what the radish was all about.

He saw that the sky outside was starting to brighten, but it was still very early and everyone hadn’t woken up. Zhao Hai couldn’t let himself wake them up, but it was too boring in this room, so he walked out slowly to take a good look at what was his own castle.

He walked forward slowly out of the castle. After crossing a small plaza, he arrived at the battlements. Their structure was very simplistic; Green stone floors, rows of stone houses, behind the stone houses were castle walls. The walls were very high, about more than 10 metres tall. He looked around near the castle walls and discovered that they were quite thick, about 4 metres. The castle gate seemed to be made of cast iron, about 4 metres tall. The middle of the gate was bolted by a gigantic bolt. On the gate was a shaking device, which appeared to be used for inserting and extracting the gate bolt.

This device was designed very craftily. Just shake a handle at the bottom of the castle gate, and the gears above would spin and move the iron bolt to lock the gate halves tight. Same for getting the bolt out as well.

Zhao Hai nodded at that. He didn’t expect that machines in this world were this advanced. He looked around and didn’t notice anything else. Other than the pile of supplies Greene bought which was in the plaza, there was nothing at all.

When he saw the supplies, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but smile bitterly. It seemed that Greene really wasn’t a commerce material, and he actually turned the gold coins on hand into these things. Didn’t they know that coins would birth new coins, and these things would one day be used up?

It seemed like Greene intended to turn this place into a one and only garden isolated from the world, but it made sense when Zhao Hai thought about it. If Zhao Hai didn’t traverse here and it was still the original Adam, the latter would be able to live longer. If he were allowed to frolic outside with money, then he would soon be dead.

He reached the stone stairs at the side of the castle gate and walked up the castle walls slowly. The walls were entirely built with a type of pale green rock, which looked to be very sturdy. The top of the walls were wholly preserved as well. The ramparts were very well kept, which needed no repair whatsoever. There was an archery spire at each of the 4 corners of the castle walls, which could protect the castle in all directions.

Zhao Hai looked at the inner castle walls. They were built even taller than outer walls, and several archery spires were built on top of them as well. It appeared that the defensive capabilities of this castle were not for show.

He looked outside the walls as he turned around. Outside was a 5-metre wide moat, whose water was very clear. It could be seen that it was a live water. Above the moat was a drawbridge, which was 5 metres in width. The chains of the bridge were made of arm-thick links, which were unusually heavy, while the drawbridge itself was made of a huge iron frame with planks on it. The planks were very new. One could immediately tell it had just been replaced.

The castle gate faced a straight and broad road directly, which was made of stones as well. He didn’t know how long it reached, and it seemed like it wasn’t used for a very long time as there were lots of weeds on it.

Zhao Hai knew that this castle had been abandoned for who knew how many years. They came through the road just once when they arrived. He believed that there was no one who left over the past odd month, which was why the road looked like this.

Other than this road, there was black soil everywhere outside the castle. Not a single grass was present on top of it, which made it appear so desolate and carried a death-like silence.

Just then, the sun had risen. Its golden rays shined on Zhao Hai as he stood on the castle wall watching it rise, while his hands were behind his hips. He felt aspirational and he laughed loudly, “Great. This castle and everything here are mine now. This is just the start, like this rising sun, but sooner or later, one day I will let this sunlight shine on the entire land!”

Zhao Hai didn’t realize that, at an unknown time, Greene and others had woken up and were standing under the castle wall. They watched silently on the top of the castle, at the Zhao Hai who appeared to be a god clothed in golden light. Their eyes were glistening with emotional tears.

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