Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 898

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Chapter 898: Soul Search (Part 1)

Si, si, si, si.

The Burning Sea Thunder Flame surged out of Ye Yu Xi and resisted the black energy in the sky.

“Humph!  No growth at all!”  Elder Qiu gave a cold snort as he raised a spear.

Ye Yu Xi’s wings flapped and she floated up ten meters.  She narrowed her eyes as she looked at elder Qiu.  Staying like this wasn’t a way, this old man’s cultivation technique was a bit strange!

After a few breaths, Ye Yu Xi decided on her attack plan.  The flames surged in her palm and she made a faint.

“Watch this move!”

Elder Qiu’s expression change and the spear in his hand stabbed out with black energy, which turned into black spears that flew out at Ye Yu Xi.


Ye Yu Xi’s attack was very simple.  She used a flame and the purple flames turned into a flame wall in front of Ye Yu Xi, blocking off the black spears.


Ye Yu Xi flew out and as fast as lightning, the ball of fire in her hand flew out at elder Qiu.

Elder Qiu’s eyes turned cold, this slut wanted to fight in close range!  Alright, he would suck her dry with the Divine Nether Art!

Elder Qiu’s left arm was covered in spiritual energy and as long as Ye Yu Xi approached, he would grab this slut!

Her mental energy noticed the strangeness of his left arm and Ye Yu Xi revealed a smile, but this smile was very cold!

Before the attack hit elder Qiu, the flame in Ye Yu Xi’s hand disappeared and she opened her mouth.

Ten Thousand Beast Shattering Space!



The sound wave came from Ye Yu Xi’s mouth and the world fell silent.

Countless leaves flew away under the feet of the two and several trees even broke.

Elder Qiu who was closest to the sound felt his head become dizzy and his eardrums burst.

This roar used all of Ye Yu Xi’s strength!

Even if elder Qiu was in the peak ninth spiritual level, he was caught off guard and he bled from all seven orifices.


The wings on elder Qiu’s back disappeared and he fell from ten meters in the sky.

Elder Qiu’s mind had temporarily lost consciousness.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were cold, this wasn’t enough!  This roar wasn’t enough to kill him!

Hong long!

Streaks of electricity flowed on Ye Yu Xi’s and her aura was raised!

Elder Qiu stared at Ye Yu Xi in the sky as he laid in the dirt.  Elder Qiu wanted to move, but his brain was already numb.

Kacha!  He!

The dazzling electricity on Ye Yu Xi’s arm fell down like a bolt of lightning, slamming down on elder Qiu.


With huge spiritual energy ripples, the surrounding trees were destroyed once again.

“Uh, uh!”

Elder Qiu’s eyes were wide open as he laid on the dirt.  The surrounding dirt had already been scorched black by Ye Yu Xi’s Rushing Thunder Fist.

Ka, pila pala.

Ye Yu Xi stood by elder Qiu’s side as the electricity on her arm slowly disappeared.  Ye Yu Xi could have smashed the Rushing Thunder Fist in elder Qiu’s head, but she didn’t do it.

“The King of Hell’s Palace’s headquarters, where is it!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were filled with rage.  Elder Qiu’s dantian had already been shattered by that punch.

“Ke, ke.”  Elder Qiu’s eyes dimmed as he revealed a sad smile, “If you want, want to save them, you’re dreaming!”


The Soul Devourer Blade entered the dirt by elder Qiu’s ear and Ye Yu Xi suppressed the anger in her heart, “I’ll say the same thing.  Speak and I’ll give you a quick end!”

“Humph, you’re, you’re dreaming!”  Elder Qiu revealed a look of letting her do what she wanted.  His cultivation had been crippled, so elder Qiu…..didn’t have anything to live for!


A hostile look appeared on Ye Yu Xi’s face.  Ye Yu Xi suddenly revealed a very cruel smile, “You think that I have no other way if you don’t speak!”


Her palm suddenly fell onto elder Qiu’s head and Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold as she coldly said, “Soul Search!”

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