Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 899

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Chapter 899: Soul Search (Part 2)

Soul Search!

Elder Qiu’s eyes opened wide!

“I, I’ll talk, ah!”

Elder Qiu felt the spiritual energy from Ye Yu Xi’s hand and he revealed a terrified look.  He wanted to confess, but it was too late as Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation technique had activated.

Soul Search, it was an extremely cruel method described in the Dark Poison God’s Art!

The Soul Search was very painful, it was like being cut with tens of thousands of blades on one’s soul, stripping away the memories bit by bit.  It was even more painful than when Ye Yu Xi cultivated the Exquisite Wonder Technique.

Elder Qiu had seen a subordinate being Soul Searched by the lord before, that ninth spiritual level expert had died in pain!


Elder Qiu gave an inhuman scream as his hairs stood on end.

The hostility in Luo Qing Chen’s eyes surged, the memories in elder Qiu’s mind appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s mind.

This person deserved to die!

After receiving large amounts of memories, Ye Yu Xi knew all the wicked things elder Qiu did!


After three minutes, Ye Yu Xi took her palm from elder Qiu’s forehead.

The thing that Ye Yu Xi wanted to know was already out.  The King of Hell’s Palace’s headquarters was in the Sand Tower Desert!

“Uh, uh!”  Elder Qiu’s eyes were blurry.  The experience of those three minutes was even more painful than killing him.


Flames appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s hand and she slowly raised it.  This elder Qiu was already useless to her.

Suddenly Ye Yu Xi’s eyes changed.


Ye Yu Xi shot out and flew forward over ten meters.


There was a black spear inserted where Ye Yu Xi had been standing.

“This young and in the intermediate ninth spiritual level, you’re young and promising!”  With a cold voice, a black figure dropped from the sky.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the mysterious person standing on the spear and her eyes turned cold.

“Zhan, elder Zhan.”  Elder Qiu on the ground looked at this person and a hint of hope appeared in his eyes, “Save, save me.”

“It seems like you are companions.”  Ye Yu Xi heard elder Qiu’s words and activated her cultivation technique.

Elder Zhan gave a cold snort and floated to the ground.  Raising one hand, the spear floated into it.


Elder Zhan didn’t hesitate at all as he pierced elder Qiu’s head!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were cold as she revealed a cold smile, “You’re this ruthless to your own people.”

“People without any cultivation will just waste food if they remain.”  Elder Zhan said in a cold voice as he slowly raised the spear in his hand.


There was thunder in the air.

Ye Yu Xi suddenly felt her chest being hit and she moved three steps back,

So strong!

This person wasn’t in the ninth spiritual level!

“Less than twenty years old and reaching the ninth spiritual level, you are a talent.  It’s a pity you can only live until today.”  Elder Zhan’s aura increased and he surpassed the ninth spiritual level.

Yellow Spirit Realm!  It was definitely the Yellow Spirit Realm!

Ye Yu Xi felt the pressure of a mountain and her breathing became a bit fast.

She couldn’t use 30% of her spiritual energy. Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and the flames surged under her, she could only go all out at a life or death moment!

The flame lotus platform formed under Ye Yu Xi’s feet.

“Today, you die!”  Elder Zhan’s voice was cold.  He flew out and his black spear stabbed at Ye Yu Xi’s chest.

Such strong pressure!  She couldn’t dodge!

Ye Yu Xi’s expression fell.  The Yellow Spirit Realm, it definitely wasn’t something someone in the ninth spiritual level could deal with!

Ye Yu Xi wanted to use the Hundred Flower Hands, but Ye Yu Xi couldn’t even move her hands under elder Zhan’s pressure!

The spear became bigger in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes!


Her vision turned dark as Ye Yu Xi’s eyes widened.

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